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Cave Jumper
Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 7th March, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 423
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By KNPMASTER on 29/03/2006

Sucks to be stuck in a cave. But when you are in this poor little guy's position, there's only one thing to do: GO CAVE JUMPIN'! Using your trusty pickaxe, some ropes, and some dynamite, you'll be going on a glorious hunt for treasure. But beware: spiders, bats, bears, skeletons, spikes, and nasty falls stand in your path of escape! Throughout your journey, there are plenty of hidden areas to find as well. If for some reason you fail, you can always submit your treasure count to the TGP Scoreboards for safekeeping. Overall, this is a platformer for those who love platformers.

note: this game has over 100 levels


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Posted by The Chris Street 8th March, 2006

Hmm... I'm finding it hard to extract too much enjoyment from this, if I'm being totally honest. I don't know why. It's all polished and everything and well coded, but... I don't know.

I love platformers... but to be frank I don't really love this :|
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th March, 2006

You didn't like Bubble Blob either, right?

Maybe its just his style you don't like.
Posted by KNPMASTER 9th March, 2006

Circy has a problem with games that dont have 2 pixel borders, i bet thats the problem, he cant tell where the enemies start and the background ends. lol

im just mess'n yo
Posted by steve 9th March, 2006
Rated :

KNPMASTER; I have two questions about the game:

1. on the second level I have tried a few times to unlock every hidden part (using the dynamite) although this is only possible if you start with at least 1 stick of dynamite (forcing a suicide on that level before you can start - as level 1 uses up the dynamite to get the bonus level)
Anyway, I cleared everything hidden there, but I noticed a hidden red door/blocks in the ceiling that I cant reach which is located to the right and up of the lift.

2. In several levels there are blocks you cannot jump up to but they have diamonds on them or other things (the boss levels spring to mind). Is there a way to throw dynamite "up" or something that I am missing here?

Also, after playing this so much; a problem with the platform engine has emerged which might explain why some people dont find it "fun" enough: often times if you try to jump off a ledge it wont respond (causing you to fall down instead) this is a real problem for pixel-perfect jumping.
Anyway, im still loving this game; especially discovering the ingenius secret bits!
Posted by KNPMASTER 9th March, 2006

1. i dunno, i didnt design that specific level, even im having fun trying to figure out whats where.
2. after putting a dynamite down, hold up and press ctrl, you will kick it up. You can get to make out of reach things by making them fall.

also, i got no prob. with the jumping. Wait til you get to later levels and find out what unique axes are, then you'll really be hooked.
Posted by Del Duio 9th March, 2006

KNPMASTER, is there a way I can get the sound effects to work, like any kind of troubleshooting for it? I read the readme and it tells me I don't need any more help LOL, but I do!

It's games like these that make me want to try harder on my own projects. You bastard, now look at all the work I have to do now haha!

Posted by KNPMASTER 9th March, 2006

Is your wav sound muted? Try pressing ctrl+s to turn sound on off. Could be one of those.
Posted by Mruqe 9th March, 2006

It's a good game. I don't get one thing though. Why is all the music in large MP3 files while it's quality is best described as generic MIDI with no wavetable? Couldn't it just be in midi format?
Posted by steve 9th March, 2006
Rated :

Thanks for the tip (about kicking dynamite up)
now I can get an even higher score (I think i was rated 3rd best last time I checked)

about the jumping; there is definatly a problem.
Try running off a ledge and at the split second BEFORE your character falls down, hit jump. Even though he is still on the platform he will refuse to jump and simply fall down instead.

Posted by steve 9th March, 2006
Rated :

About the Axes: my favourite so far is the Golden axe

I have also found "The Beast" axe a few times and a "Magnet axe"
Posted by Del Duio 9th March, 2006

Thanks, I will try ctrl-S when I get home tonight. The .wav volume levels are normal, I tried that too. So far I found a fire pickaxe. Are the weapons all randomized or do they always drop off the same creatures in the same levels?

The spiders look GREAT, by the way. The animation is spot-on for how a spider would actually move. I've always had a lot of trouble animating spiders.

I kind of agree with the music comment above, the music is good but seems short (from what I've heard so far). Using a MIDI would save you a ton of space. I had a few songs in Equin Village that were 9MB each in .wav format but by re-doing them in MIDI they're now like 6-7K only. That's also why the Great Piggy Escape's file is so big. MIDIs from now on for me, you should try them too.
Posted by Mruqe 9th March, 2006

Once again about the music. Hitting [ctrl]+[m] doesn't turn it off. And I'd like to do that
Posted by MasterM 9th March, 2006

alright so how the hell do I make the game SAVE my current status?
Posted by PixelRebirth 9th March, 2006

Maybe I'd play through it all if the resolution was higher. Still good work on this one!
Posted by alastair john jack 10th March, 2006

you can make it bigger resolution pixelrebirth
Posted by PixelRebirth 10th March, 2006

You mean you can make it fullscreen... of course I played it that way but still it remains 160x120 blown up to 320x240.
Posted by bernie[FA] 10th March, 2006

MasterM: If the save system doesn't work, try running the game from the harddrive you've installed windows on. The game status is saved every 5 levels.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th March, 2006

Bubble Blob was alright, it had that one more go factor... but still really irritating
Posted by KNPMASTER 10th March, 2006

press + and - on the windowed version to change the size.
Posted by MasterM 11th March, 2006

about saving:

that is pretty weird. the game is installed on C and that's where windows XP Home is located as well but the game didn't save for me after I died in level 11 and I am NOT the only one with this problem
if i am not ABLE to save in a game with 100 levels I am simply not going to play it anymore which is very sad of course
Posted by danjo 11th March, 2006

a very good game - well done mate. (re saving: it doesnt save when you change its installed directory)
Posted by bernie[FA] 11th March, 2006

Hmm... I had the game installed on x: and saving didn't work. I copied it to c:\cave and it worked fine.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 12th March, 2006

I can't really bring myself to play past cave 3, even though it's really polished and solid. One thing bothering me is the lack of air control and the air momentum. Walk off a ledge and you go sailing. Other than that I guess I just don't like timed games.
Posted by Manfred Richter 12th March, 2006

good work, greetings to commander keen
Posted by NamelessOne 13th March, 2006

ok well this install file stops at 2 % anyyone know why
Posted by NamelessOne 13th March, 2006

also why does it say DEC 3 2006 on some posts, its not DEC 3
Posted by Nuklear41 13th March, 2006

Messed up I guess.

Posted by Peblo 14th March, 2006

Shut up about the dates.
Posted by NamelessOne 14th March, 2006

sorry i am new here, sorry bout the dates thing, but why does it stop at 2 %
Posted by Bibin 14th March, 2006

Posted by Bommut 15th March, 2006

How many different weapons are there? so far I have found... 6. I like the game a lot! save doesnt work on mine either. I just keep playing from the start... farthest I have gotten so far is level 16.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th March, 2006

I just can't play this. on my desktop PC's monitor it just looks like cack. 30" worth of pixels the size of babies fists. and then windowed it's just way too small. full screen the camera motion actually hurt my eyes.

Probably would benefit with some kind of 2x or 4x window size mode.

Shrunk the screen resolution to an archaic 800*600 which made it playable. it's not really my kind of game. the music is alright but the graphics feel too old and the gameplay is tepid. found the controls a little awkward too. was chuffed that I found that secret enterance on the left of the first level on my first try
Posted by X_Sheep 18th March, 2006

Read this:
Posted by steve 19th March, 2006
Rated :

im happy to see that Cave Jumper is being published and the hard work will be payed off.

Congratulations to the creators!
Posted by Hempuli 20th March, 2006

Wee best game!

Axes i have found:
-blue axe(bounces from floors, my favorite)
-red axe(flies fast and long(?))
-green axe(bounces from enemies)
-grey axe(it makes the addons and coins and stuff bounce)
-golden axe(hmm, i lost it so soon, didnt see anything strange.)

Posted by Moonyjacob 20th March, 2006

the download don't work
Posted by bernie[FA] 20th March, 2006

The download doesn't work because the game's going commercial. See the link X_Sheep posted for more info.
Posted by RenatoDep 20th March, 2006

link is broken
Posted by alastair john jack 21st March, 2006

of course its broken
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st March, 2006

Grrr, now I really wish we could re-do GOTW.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 24th March, 2006

Capitalist sluts! Once you released it as freeware keep it like that, jerk!
Posted by Chris Macadam 24th March, 2006

hey i wanna download this game... and i will but i have a game i want to get a game on this website i created it on games facory and i dont know how to get it on this website can sum 1 help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Werbad 25th March, 2006

The save system is really bugged... I tried editing the savefile and just changing the name worked perfectly... But when i changed cave the game reset my profile... (And moving the game to c: changed nothing)
Posted by Chris Macadam 26th March, 2006

ne 1.........................
Posted by KNPMASTER 29th March, 2006

Download Link Updated.
Posted by 30th April, 2006

Posted by Va1entine 17th September, 2008

Dam an installer, guess i'll give this one a miss
Posted by steve 21st January, 2009
Rated :

this one is worth installing
Posted by Klayman 20th July, 2009

I keep getting "Level Data Load Error" and the game going right to the "Game Over" screen when I try to play this.
Posted by DaVince 4th July, 2012
Rated :

Fun game. Laughed at the Wario Land 2 influences.

I couldn't get past the second boss due to a bug though. I think I defeated the boss, but died at the exact same time, so the boss was gone and I was still in the level.






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