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Review: Notes2Go
Author: Keatontech!
Added: 24/03/2006

If this app hadn't been posted on TDC, I never would've even considered that it was made in MMF. Not that there's any revolutionary features that I thought MMF could never do. No, it's just that it's so proffesional feeling and looking. It's got a great, easy to use interface, and it includes some pretty cool skins (my favorite is Aqua, it reminds me of Mac OS X).
It may not seem very usefull to us non-buisnessy clickers, but to those guys who own/work in some big company, this could be really usefull. Ok, so it's probably not Military grade encryption, but I think if anybody had something REALLY important to send they would deliver it themselves.
I think I will find some uses for this app, but what I really like about it is what it proves. It proves that MMF can make proffesional apps. It proves that MMF can do things that nobody has ever done before (It does it better that TDC Downloads Downloader).
I like the website too. It's all shiny and loaded with info and such.
You can make your own skins by just altering a few images. I hope to see some more skins appearing on the website soon. Great Job Larasoft! Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah. Ignore all of the 0 ratings below, they don't qualify because this is an app. Hmm ... y'know 1500 characters is a lot. I still got 204 left! Er ... I like it, everybody should download it ... It's got some cool stuff ... I like the system trey icon thingy... it's really sweet ... uhh, did I mention you should all download it? THE END!!!

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