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Review: OMG ! Pirana Jar
Author: alperoz49
Added: 22/07/2006

Hello,i will explain each points i gave here again like always, the reason i reviewed this game i see some potential on OMG ! Pirana Jar.

Presentation : basicly it is good enough to make player to play the game.

Gameplay : hmmm. gameplay is over average ,one click mouse button changes the cursor type pulling fishes , fish movement, food movement in water is perfect.But one big bad issue exists on this game >PURPOSE??<. Whats the purpose of this game ? If theres not why should we play it? This is a big mistake.Whole idea is original , gameplay is very nice but theres nothing in the game infact! Why?

Graphics : Well gfx are quite nice.Not so simple , funny and enough for this kind of a game.Besides i dont make comments on gfx usually if gameplay is over average.Well done on gfx anyway

Sounds & Music : same as gfx , enough and good.Nothing much to say about them.

Lastability : Sorry this game is fun for 4 mins max.Because the reasons are ;

1- Exactly the same things we do always
2- No puzzle no purpose only cute gfx and OFC cute piranhas.Who doesn't like piranhas?
3- Same gfx

Suggestions : Would be nice if we have some puzzles, missions or etc...Forexample i expect some other foods or diffrent jars as i finish the levels but there were no levels.

SUMMARY : Another good game with nice gfx and great ideas original gameplay but infact game content is absolutely empty.This is not a judgement, this is suggestion for you to make this game playable with your original ideas gfx etc...

6 / 10
(note : 5 +1 , sorry lastability is heart of a game and it is not healty at the moment.+1 for the original gameplay gfx sound musics are average)

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