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Review: Terragon
Author: Trooper
Added: 24/07/2006

When I opened the game, right off the bat, I felt like this was going to be a good game. And I think I was right.

Presentation: From the intro screen to the help/demonstration screen to the level editor and actual levels, it was clear that a lot of time and effort was put into making this game very professional and clean. All the animations and explanation are fully worked out. All the levels were also designed creatively to keep your interest.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very simple and straightforward. Move around trying to cover all the squares without retracing your steps. It's been done before but Fendez adds a couple of twists with the bonus items (apples and gems), and the arrows on the path. Most levels can be solved in a number of ways but you get rewarded more points for taking a certain path which keeps the game a little more interesting. Also, there are memory levels where you try to retrace the steps of a preprogrammed path. This was a very nice and simple touch which helps avoid any monotony in playing this game.

Suggestion to Fendez: A nice feature, in my opinion, would be to keep your score as you lose and continue. I think its too hard to beat more than a couple levels at a time, unless you plan it all out beforehand. That makes it more of a chore than a game though. Obviously you wouldn't allow the player to go back to levels they have completed if they wanted to keep their high score. Or perhaps, you could allow a button to undo a certain number of moves because we all make mistakes and realize it right after . Another tiny suggestion would be to allow the player to hold a direction and move continuously. It gets a tad tiring to hit right 10 times in a row when playing the larger levels.

Graphics: The graphics to this game are fairly simple but I think it was better that way. This game requires mental focus and there is no reason to have an excessive amount of eye candy. The most important thing is that the graphics were all complete and professional.

Sound And Music: I'm no expert in music but I would have to say that all the audio features were good. As far as I can tell, there is some sort of background music and sound effect for all parts of the game so you're never stuck in silence. It all seemed to blend well.

Lastability: I honestly don't think I would play the game completely through more than once or twice. But Fendez added a level editor to allow a user to make their own levels. It's a nice feature to have especially if you have friends or family to play with. It helps keep the game more playable.

Overall: Very professional. Clean graphics and bug-free gameplay. A solid game to keep in your collection if you enjoy mind/puzzler games.

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