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Review: Terragon
Author: alperoz49
Added: 25/07/2006

I am going directly without an enterance speech


Somehow i wanna give lots of points to presenttaion but dont know why.It is charming me.It is like magic. No high end quality graphics no great music but still it makes the player search between the menus.


Same all same with trooper's review.Simple and same puzzle objective everytime but also every level is diffrent than others.(PARADOX)
Are you bored or some levels are too easy for you?Go make your own level designs with well programmed level editor.The game itself has also perfect programming that makes us forget how simple the graphics are.


Main menu is fantastic.I can't say anything i cant make any comments on graphics because Terragon does not let me make.I really dont care about any graphics in this game because we dont have to look at it.You focus on playing Terragon so that you forget graphics.Thats all!

Sound and Music

I usually dont make comments like "good music or bad music".Repeating music is only negative thing about music.
OHH boy, was that the COIN.wav from Klik&Play's built-in casino game? Yes it was.As long as you cant make your own sounds using library sounds is not a crime.I always use them.Average sounds.


The game has a very big plus which is its lastability.So that all the other things become not important!Also there is a well programmed level editor out of game.
Most of the time when i couldnt pass the level i got so mad and pressed Enter 1000 times to play it again.At this point i have some suggestions.Why is there only a one live? Its annoying to go all that menus over and over.


Terragon is a masterpiece puzzle game.Game has been pogrammed so well that you cant even notice how simple the graphics are.Puzzles are not so simple so you have to play several times to beat the level sometimes.That makes Terragon playable over and over.High-score table is like contest.
If you prefer go create your own level with simple interface but well programmed Level Editor.
With these features Terragon is wannabe a classic puzzle game.But i can't think Terragon in the GOTW page.Its over it.

Sound and Music:

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