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Review: Halloween House
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 04/12/2007

So here is another Halloween themed game with an interesting graphic style to it. Halloween House is all about a boy looking for lost candy in his parents house while they are gone. It's trick or treat night, and if you don't have a piece of candy with you when a trick or treater knocks, you get tricked and it's game over for you!

Gameplay is great in this game, despite having to get used to a bizarre overhead style. The perspective in this game is really screwy and takes a few minutes to get used to. Fortunatley, controls are very solid and it's easy to get the hang of. Almost everything around you can be interacted with, and the inventory system is simple but well done. I really enjoyed all of the fun touches thrown in, such as the green herb plant for Resident Evil fans. Other little things are also fun extras, like the cat in the shower and race car you can interact with. It's these fun touches that really add polish to the game.

Graphics are very stylize and have a great cartoony feel to them. There are also fun little cinematics for certain parts of the game. I do however think the game would have been better if the perspective on all character remained the same while they turned. In other words, the character himself should turn, not the camera and the direction the camera is viewing him from. It should have been Zelda style, where doors can face all crazy ways, but the character remains in a fixed perspective.

Music and sounds are great. Everything is given a great campy atmosphere with the eerie but not-too-serious music and the fun effects. Well done.

The game suffers from lastability simply because the game is so short. It may take some people a little longer (I got lucky discovering some items early such as a certain box cutting material). I liked the trick or treater at the door that required you to find candy at the right time, it made me realize what great potential this has for a puzzle game! If this game gets a sequel with a larger house and an even better focus on the trick-or-treater-puzzle aspect, this can easily get up to an 8 or 9 for lastability.

This was a very fun little game. Its only limited by its easy difficulty and short completion time. But its a great "little" adventure with fun graphics, good sounds, solid controls, and lots of fun touches that really make this game shine. Recommended for anyone with fifteen minutes to kill.

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Posted by contra 4th December, 2007

Thanks for the review! Seems like you enjoyed all the things I set out to do with this game. The review pretty much nailed my game spot on

However I must defend the perspective since I've got that complaint alot. The perspective in all rooms are exagerated on purpose. I actually did fixed perspective on Michael at first but I thought it looked wrong when he was moving inside the "extreme-topcenter-perspective" rooms. So it was not out of laziness, I really think it looks and works better this way. It's also a homage to a nes game called "sweet home" that was one of the inspirations for this game. Also Michael is a child so I thought it'd be cute if he looked "up" all the time. But I hear what you're saying but I dont agree.


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