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Review: Jamie's Revenge
Author: Jason Orme
Added: 08/01/2008

The presentation of Jamie's Revenge is of a professional quality while still maintaining that personal touch. All buttons and menus are excellent and it feels finished and polished.

Cutscenes are excellent and shows off some great artwork, would be nice with voice acting though.

My only fault with the presentation is the font used. I had extracted the font correctly as mentioned in the READ ME file but I think it just looked ugly (more so on full-screen).

Gameplay is that which you would see of Super Mario Bros / Sonic The Hedgehog. While the speed and platforming feels more along the lines of Mario, the moving to balloon to mine cart to rocket etc is very Sonic. It's pretty much you standard platformer and your goal is to reach the end of the level while avoiding enemies, obstacles and collecting chicken necks (yes, chicken necks, not rings or coins). Its "world" is split up into 3 levels (much like the original Sonic), 2 lengthy levels and then a boss. Each world has its own theme, from a city to a mine and even underwater. There is definatly alot of variety in the design of the levels. Bosses add an extra challenge to the game and while they are pretty simple they are a great way to break up the gameplay.

Graphics are great, all Jamies animations are smooth. Some enemies are better drawn/animated than others. The spinning goblins for example are well drawn and animated, while some of the flying enemies seem alittle simple. All the background art is fantastic, it makes use of the layers feature introduced in MMF2 giving some great parallax scrolling effects. The mine levels is particularly busy in the background and the snow level looks beautiful.

All music is original and sounds great with very fitting and memorable tunes. As for sound effects, very little really but what is there is fitting. It does lack in the sound effects department with many actions not having sound effects i.e zip lines. It does however make up with its great soundtrack.

There is a lastability factor unlike most Klik games. There appears to be somthing if you collect the hidden sugar cubes (think thats what they are), maybe a final boss fight? I personally didn't want to go through the game again, but its there for those that do and is a great touch.

Overall Jamie's Revenge is a solid platformer for fans of this genre. Its not without its odd few bugs here and there some minor tweeks are needed with collision detection of zip lines etc. But this is certainly a game that screams quality and one of the better Sonic/Mario inspired platformer Klik games i've played in quite sometime.

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Posted by Jake G 8th January, 2008

thankyou very much ^^
Posted by Jake G 9th January, 2008

you dont need to play the whole game again to get them


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