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Review: Somiumstrike 2
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 17/03/2008

So here is Somiumstrike 2, a much improved sequel to Somiumstrike. This version features a much needed single player mode and is a lot of fun, even if it's not perfect.

There isn't really a storyline here, but the objective is clear: Collect money, and use a variety of units at the correct times to defeat your opponent!

Gameplay is very interesting and relies completely on hotkeys. You'll really need to memorize the letter keys that create the different units to be able to play effectively. I would have LOVED to have been able to just click on the button tabs to create units instead of having to keep looking at what key I needed to press, but I realize that it's made this way so that both players will have equal controls for multiplayer matches.

Graphics are simple, but also very stylized and colorful. I really enjoyed the graphic style of the units as well. The units are very insect-like, and they all have a specific function that is clear from how they look. Some gather, some block, some attack, some drop bombs. It's an effective and interesting mix of cute and colorful graphics.

Music and sounds serve their purpose without ever really adding or taking away from the experience. Sounds here compliment the action and work fine, but maybe some effects with a little more OOMPH could boost the action next time.

Lastability has a lot of potential for most players. There are a lot of different strategies that are possible, as well as several difficulty levels. Lastability may have scored higher if there had been a story mode of some sort. But for RTS fans, this will easily burn several hours for you.

Overall, this is a very unique game with a lot of possibilities and a lot of options. I haven't gotten to try it multiplayer yet, but I'm sure that's where the game really shines. The computer knows just what to do, and will do the same thing each time, but against a human opponent this could REALLY turn into a unique and challenging game with each new person you play. Highly recommended for RTS fans, especially with a friend!

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