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Review: Somiumstrike 2
Author: UnknownAlly
Added: 07/01/2009

Graphics are original. Everything was set out nice. Sound effects were complete. Gameplay was very well introduced and explained. Perfection is seen in this area.

Gameplay was addicting. I was only planning on "giving it a try." Instead, I ended up playing for 45 minutes, trying to win. I put it in the Recycling bin to keep myself from playing, because I have to wake up in the morning. There was one problem that stuck out quite a bit. It was extremely hard, even in "Easy" mode. If the easy mode was easier, it would be better. It was almost like the AI was cheating. They evolved without having enough coins. That should be fixed.

Graphics were overall average. Nothing special about the graphics. However, I'm going to give it a 8 because it was unique and fully original.

There was no music. Which could have made this game that more better. Sounds were okay.

I was addicted to this SOB.

Worth the damn download. So get off your ass and download this game and get addicted to it! Added up the rating and divided by 6, overall rating is 8. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT GAME. HOPE TO SEE MORE! :)

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Posted by AndyUK 7th January, 2009

Ive played this more than any click game this year. Tis fun.


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