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Review: Charlie the Doughnut and the Alien Menace
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 14/04/2008

So here is a quirky little game about a donut fighting off an alien invasion. Who would have thought that when the time came for a hostile alien force to take over earth, our last hope would be strawberry glazed with sprinkles?

Presentaion throughout this game is very well done. There are cutscenes between every level, and that really makes the game as enjoyable as it is. Every level has a plot, and each enemy is introduced in a way more personal than other games. I really liked that.

As a donut, you can fly freely through the air in most levels, while confined to the ground in others. Your mission is to simply eat away at your enemies life using your donut pistol before the enemy kills you. You do this by frantically and constantly clicking the mouse. Since this is the case, rapid fire would have been a nice feature to add, since most players will be clicking non-stop in almost every level. There are also special weapons, but very few of them are useful. In fact, I went through most levels without using the special weapon except on levels where you have to.

Graphics are fun and comical. The cutscenes are fun, and the characters and enemies have a lot of personality. I liked the simple colorful style.

Sounds and music are also well done. The sounds and music really add to the experience. Music was well chosen and adds a lot of atmosphere, and sounds fit the actions perfectly.

Lastability has it's good points and bad points. On the good side, you'll probably keep playing until you get a gameover. The game is fun to play, and there is really no reason to stop early. On the down side, there is no save system and no password system. My game ended pretty far along due to a glitch, and I would have loved to have loaded a save game. As it is, most players won't play again after a game over.

Overall, this is an enjoyable way to spend 30 minutes. The concept is quirky and amusing, the characters are colorful (language is colorful at times too), and the gameplsy is interesting enough to make it worthwhile. I did encounter some bugs that eventually ended my game. At times, the game would suddenly go behind other applications on my computer (maybe due to the frantic clicking, though I didn't outside the frame). When I would click back to the game, the gun would no longer work. Also, when I tried to make the game go fullscreen with alt+enter, many parts of the game went invisible, and characters became wedged in the top corner of the screen. A few seconds later, the program crashed. It reminded me of glitches caused by screen stretching, instead of the computer changing resolution. Screen stretching should NEVER be used, as it causes counters to move and disappear, and sprites to become "disoriented". But like I said, anyone with 30 minutes to spare and a passion for violence and donuts should check this game out!

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Posted by ]Alpha[ 14th April, 2008

Thank you very much for the review, Shroom!
I think you pointed out perfectly what's good and what's bad in my game.

I didn't new anything about the screen stratching bug O_o I will check it asap and try to fix it.
I putted Rapid Fire in, but the game was really too easy, so I choosed to remove it.

You're right.
I noticed that many players only play the game 'till they die once... no matter if you don't have to restart all over.
The problem is that almost all players die in level 5... so everybody miss the better part of the game
But I think it's my fault... so I will look forward to fix all the bad things of the game.

Thank you again


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