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Review: Operation 420
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 01/05/2008

Oh my.

So here is a game where drugs are your friend, and drugs are your enemy. This game is NOT recommended for kids, teenagers, people with low self esteem, old people or confused people. This game should ONLY be played by people who are secure and stable with their current life and routine. And for those people... shouldn't you be at work right now?

As far as presentation, this game is put together very well. There is a good level select screen, and dying brings you back there promtly. I'ts a good setup. It't simple, user friendly, and well done.

It's strange, the first computer I played this on ran it very slowly. But thanks to the slowdown, I was able to successfully land on platforms and navigate levels with ease. I didn't know why everyone else was compaining about it. Well today I ran it on a GOOD computer at the game's intended speed, and I found it nearly impossible to jump on the first set of platforms. Jumping and tapping forward will launch you over whatever you were hoping to land on. You must jump forward, then tap backward when you are over your target to stop your momentum. I like the gimmicks about the "power-downs" that make the game harder to play, but the play control should start off being very very solid before a concept like that will work. When you're unable to walk already, who needs drugs?

Graphics are very well done. I enjoyed the layout and design of the levels. The character is a lot of fun. Who wouldn't like a shirtless buff dude with a huge head and a fascination with jumping off cliffs while stoned on six types of illegal substances? But seriously, the graphics are great fun, especially when things start getting screwed up. :P

The music is very goofy and fits the game perfectly. There aren't many sound effects, in fact I can't remember any while I'm writing this. But the music makes up for that with it's quirky goofy charm.

Lastability could be much higher with an improved platforming engine. Right now, trying to get through a level is overly frustrating because your character launches from place to place like a rocket, even when he's clear headed. But with some practice at harnessing his frantic powers of motion, this could be an enjoyable romp for most people.

Overall, this is a very bizarre but enjoyable "trip" through the world of pharmaceuticals. It's fun to look at, fun to listen to, and the concept is funny and amusing as long as you don't let your 5 year old kid brother play it. With a better platforming engine, I have "high" hopes for a sequel! ;) Recommended for... well... hmmm... I won't recommend this for anyone due to liability issues.

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Posted by Rocketron 2nd September, 2008

Thanks for this review, Im glad you took the time to play and appreciate it... doesn't often happen with my games
Basically I made the game and engine really quickly a long time ago. Then I decided to expand and add more and more drugs, and more and more levels, before releasing it, so I never really took the time to go back and change the engine.
Just wait for operation 421! I have some pretty extreme plans for it, and you can rest assured the engine will be playable (sober) next time!


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