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Review: Cade Tower: Eozsof
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 04/05/2008

Here is a very interesting game/engine that you may want to take a look at if you are interested in making a dungeon crawler. It's an open source project, which is very generous considering that it has over 5,000 events.

However, this should be downloaded for the engine, and not really downloaded as a game. It's missing some important elements that keep it from really being a playable game.

The gameplay is very intricate, and navigation is well coded, but it's missing many things that players need to feel like they are actually playing a game. Combat in particular is a complete mystery. Even if I played this game for a full day, I'd never be able to tell someone what the spells do, how effective they are, how to tell if you hit an enemy, how to tell if an enemy hit you, or what the treasures are good for. None of the spells are explained, and they all seem ineffective. I can stand facing an enemy and click spells but I can never tell if they are doing anything. Sometimes there is an effect, sometimes there isn't. Likewise, enemies seems unable to do anything to me. Enemies in this game are more like obstacles to walk around. I eventually stopped paying attention to the enemies (and the viewscreen itself) and just watched the map as I would dash to the blue dot (the exit) in each level. Also, it seems like the game is over when a timer runs out. If that's the case, then combat is pointless all together and players should REALLY just avoid enemies and run for the exit (which is actually very easy to do.) And if there isn't a "game over" timer, then once again, I couldn't tell you what ended my quest.

Graphics are interesting, everything seems to be made of "Dippin' Dots" ice cream. Even your hands are composed of colorful little balls. It's an interesting style choice. Even if it may be a strange look for a dungeon crawler, at least it keeps things colorful!

There really isn't much sound to speak of. There is a midi loop from a Final Fantasy game, and sound effects pop up here and there. The game probably would have benefitted from more sound effects, it's mostly a quiet journey.

Lastability won't be high for most people, simply because there really isn't anything to do after you die. You can't really level up, and there isn't anything to gain by exploration. Most people will try it once, say "That's neat." then delete it. However, it's more useful as source code, and in that way it's lastability (usefulness in that case) is much higher.

Overall this is a very interesting project. It was extremely ambitious and a lot of time was spent on it. Anyone interested in creating a 1st person dungeon crawler should download this and have a look. As a standalone game, it isn't quite playable, but the engine itself could be used to make a very fun rpg with some simple modifications. Recommended for people interesting in creating a 1st person dungeon crawler.

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Posted by Fanotherpg 5th May, 2008

Each spell has got own strengh and have got own effects. Each spell strange is developer indepentently so if you are using a fireball whole time it will be stronger, but also enemies using fireballs will be stronger.

There is no time limit and there is 8 endings (one of them is presented in this review escape withnout fight).

Effects of enemies and player spells are presented by the same objects and this is why we sometimes see ours and sometimes not.

And only way when we can see if enemy is hitted or not is looking at his HP counter (I know that is bad idea but it was a competition entry).

Bu I agree that it is more engine than game because of that bugs.
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 5/5/2008
Posted by Hill Gigas 5th May, 2008

I believe you about all of those things, such as the spells having effects and becoming stronger. But what I'm trying to help you understand is that if you don't give players some way, any way, to see these things, then it's just as if they aren't there.

For instance, since there is no way to see what a spell does, there is no way to see the spell improving either. I would have never known that the spells got stronger, because I could never see a real effect to begin with.

A very simply way to help this is to label the counters so players will know what the numbers are. Maybe have a text line at the bottom that tells damage dealt and damage received.

Right now there just isn't any way to know what's happening other than trusting that something is happening.
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th May, 2008

I know Shroomlock about what you are talking and I know that it is wrong in it.

We can only notice this progress by seeing how much life we or our enemy lose after 1 attack.

Also I published it as a OS because someone could use it to create own game or just tweak there or there engine add few new layers, change graphics, sounds and release as his game.

And IMHO the grade is to high I thought about 3-4 not 7
Posted by Hill Gigas 6th May, 2008

It got a 7 because even though I'm pointing out things that could be a lot better, it was still a very ambitious project. This is a HUGE game in terms of coding and effort, and it's probably the most difficult kind of game to make. Those things count for something.
Posted by Fanotherpg 7th May, 2008

And this is why I suggested 3-4 and not 1-2

IMHO this game isn't ambitious or huge it just have long code because I didn't use any extensions like Fast Loop or something like that (which I know that are built-in since MMF 1.5). And it's cRPG not some FPS


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