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Review: Duel Toys 2 Test Version
Author: J. Willis
Added: 31/05/2008

The graphic aren't the best but the point that they're toys were brought across through the not so good graphics. To tell you the truth I like the graphics. They make me feel like I"m playing with toy versions of my favorite fighters.

I like the single double and triple modes of play. I'd add a training mode because I did not know how to do any specials therefore my ass was handed to me. Add a command list in the start screen as well and turn down the difficult.

Isnt this the same as presentation?

Wasn't really paying attention to it but what I did hear was ok. Not the best game music.

If lastability is how long I could play this then HELL YEA. You get a 10 here. I know this was just a demo but if that was the full I'd still be playing.

Pretty good game. Keep it up. Add Akuma and Ryu then we'd be kicking. Oh Ryo and Terry. Megaman and Forte and Protoman. That be cool. I love this game.

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