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Review: Zombie Hunt
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 05/06/2008

Zombie Hunter is a 20-event compo game which deserves a review because I didn't realize it was a 20-event game until after I'd played it! It won't score as high as it might have otherwise however, simply because of the limitations of the project.

There are two levels to choose from. In each level you must find your weapon, enter the hunting area, and kill all the zombies before returning to your home flag. Play control is quite good, and is the most impressive aspect of the 20-event limitations being overcome. You can double jump, and collision detection is very accurate. Levels are simple, but are fun to explore.

Graphics are very simple but they get the job done. This is probably the area where the game could have used more work. Characters and enemies are small and colorful, but lack detail. Maybe in the sequel?

Music suits the game fine. It doesn't add a lot, but it keeps the pace of the game moving forward. Sound effects are also adequate.

Well, the 20-event rules have taken their toll in lastability. There are only two levels in this game. However, if a full game is made from this with a long list of levels, this game could easily score much higher.

Overall, this is a surprisingly enjoyable platformer, especially considering it's event limitations. There are some fun powerups, good combat, a good engine, and levels that are fun to explore. I really hope that this idea is expanded into a full game, because I really enjoyed this. Recommeded for platforming fans who hate zombies.

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Posted by Ricky 5th June, 2008

thanks for the review Shroomlock


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