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Review: Unknown Game 7237
Author: -Dark Martin-
Added: 03/07/2008


Well over all it has a very professional presentation, great GFX, a bit bright in some parts bue nicely done.

Gameplay: Main Gameplay: Now i may not be very fond of the whole RPG genre, BUT after FINALLY completing it i found all those battles to be EPIC! First i had to... wait.... i'll let you find out for youself without spoiling it.;) Plus i found the Battle Engine to be very unique. I loved it! And all the differant choices for each type of power gave a very wide range of tactica choices. Taboli RPG: At first when i saw but this i was like "Ugh", but i got into it very quickly, when i died after getting very far i was like "DAMMIT, now i've got to level up ALL over again", but i didn't, you actually get to keep the level you were at and get further through. Shame i never beat it though.:P Joobs Creek For a game as simple as this i found it quite fun, but i guess the only reason i liked it was because i could get loads of purple coins after thinking that purple coins were super rare.XD Oddly addictive, and the music was quite nice to listen to.^_^ Stellar Gun Um.... i may have to deduct a few stars off of this one and here is why: The game lagged REALLY badly, it really put a stump on even bothering to play it, so as you can guess i didn't get any more Signs than the ones i am defaultly set with.:( Travelling Gameplay: Pick up stuff, collect coins and find enemys to battle. The holo ship thing you get from blugus made it that more fun, shame it dissapears when your done with it.:( I deducted 1 star for the awful lag in Stellar Gun, sorry.:(

Graphics: Oh DAIOM! there are GOOOOOOOD!!! Visually stunning graphics, i may not fully approve of 3D pre-rendered GFX in 2D games, but this game seemed to push that aside.^_^ If i may say this correctly these graphics in my opinion come into matching with that of the GFX in Elder Scrolls IV. B.E.AUUUUUTiful GFX, and the way that the animator managed to get the correct expressions on Silences face and others to match there emotions were just brilliant!:D

Sound/Music: Some music in some parts of the game didn't quite fit, but i'll go in order by which: Main Menu: Sometimes i would just start up the game just to listen to it.XD Great! Star Nest: Well seeing as this was more of a sky type area i would've put a more Heavenly tune into it, it was kinda in the right rhythym but it kinda went off in some places. Castle Dinost: Nice, catchy (Don't say "So is AIDS.>_>) Rhythm, i don't see any reason to deduct stars.:) Moatwork: Looooheeeeeerved it!, there was a part in that music that i just wanted to make the character repeatidly jump until it finished.XD FalseHall: The music in that place freaked me out, and the background along with Speedy Weird looking faces didn't help XD, but it was in the perfect tune none the less.:) The Machine Ruins: It didn't really fit in my opinion, the drums weren't the perfect match, maybe if it was a more evilish type of tune then maybe.:) The Iffermoon: The music wasn't enough i'm afraid, after looking at the storyline The Iffermoon is supposed to be an object of great power and the music in that area didn't signify that enough.:( In Battle Music: Uh... not quite what i would've used, it did pick up to the right tune after a while but it realy should used that serious kind of tune from the start.:) The final boss "Flesh Tomb" and "Dardrema" plus all the other bosses should of used differant music. For example when youy fight Flesh Tomb that music should of been Epic, the most serious part an most difficult boss in the game, it needed better music rather than just the same Battle music for every last battle.:( Tragic danger music: By that title i mean when something big is going down and its going to be bad, like when Silence encounters the Core Mind and then it gets all mean and cocky that serious music starts play, very fitting to the situation, that same music plays when other problems are happening during the talking parts of the game.:) Sounds: They were perfectly enough, although i would've given foot step sounds to when Silences is walking and exploring.:)

Lastability: It only lasts until you fully complete it, after that i just couldn't be buggered to do all the other Side Quests as i had no idea where to start and they made no sense.XD But it did last, just not as long as i though it would.:(

Overall: Professional layout, lovely GFX, epic Gameplay. The effects during the battle hurt my eyes.XD But i did enjoy playing it. I am sure we can expect great games from Shroomsock in the future.:) I would give it 9 1/2 stars but i can't so just imagine that.... ah screw it, it gets a 10.:D I LOVED IT!

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Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd July, 2008

Hey, thanks for the review! I appreciate it greatly! Just in case you DID want to keep playing- The last three orbs can be lit by finding the three secret bosses. Each orb gives a clue, but I'll point you in the right direction. One is at Machine Ruin, one is in Mistden, and one is in the blue caves below Moatwork.

If you light all four orbs, you unlock HARD mode.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 3rd July, 2008

Posted by -Dark Martin- 3rd July, 2008

Hmm, i was just at machine ruin and i can see a Black Star.... it doesn't do anything, i can't touch it because its out of my reach.
Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd July, 2008

Didn't you read the orb's clues? Get under it and hold "down".
Posted by -Dark Martin- 3rd July, 2008

I did.
Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd July, 2008

You have to keep holding down right under it until it starts coming down towards you. Then you can jump up and touch it!
Posted by -Dark Martin- 4th July, 2008

Ah ok, i just did that.... damn that boss is too difficult.O_O
Posted by Zezard 6th July, 2008

You haven't tried the Piper.
Posted by Otter 7th July, 2008

Not trying to be rude but you called him Shroomsock in the overall..
Posted by -Dark Martin- 8th July, 2008



Damn typos!!


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