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Review: Unknown Game 7237
Author: Codemonkey
Added: 14/07/2008

Oh boy where to start? This game has a presentation to end all presentations! The main menu is great, with the extremely professional background and straight to the point "new game" and "load game" buttons. Speaking of loading, Shroomlock did a great job puting lot's of little loading messages like "This is your lucky loading screen" and "At least you didn't have to pay for it". It's obvious Shroomlock spent massive amounts of time on the presentation of Iffermoon, and the outcome couldn't be better.

The gameplay, oh yes! Let's not forget that! The gameplay is original in almost every concievable way, with the unique yet simple battle engine, leveling up, and story elements. The battle engine is extremly polished, not a bug in sight. Every stat you could wish to see, from your fighting speed, to your foe's slowness, is layed out in a very organised way. Tons of attacks and abilities open up a huge variety of stratagies to defeat your foes. However, all these numbers and buttons are very confusing to a beginner, and the game offered no tutorial or much help along the way. An in-game tutorial would have been much appreciated to people how just opened up the game for the first time. Now for the story. Iffermoon is an almost perfect mix of gameplay and story, with the beggining stirring up mysteries, and the player trying to put together all the pieces. Yes the story is very well done, from beggining to end, and does not take away from the fun of just playing the game. On to the mini-games! Okay I absolutly loved stellergun, except for the horrible lag. The funny thing was, the lag seemed to go away when I shot tons of bullets. ;) heh. This game could easily been GOTW by itself, with the tons of powerups and awesome graphics. The cool thing about each of the mini-games is that they all have some kind of reward in the "real" game Iffermoon. Stellergun gives you signs, Joobs creek gives you purple coins, and Taboli RPG gives you multiple prizes, like iffer. Speaking of Taboli RPG, This was a really fun game, and Shroomlock made a very wise choice making it so you lose nothing except your position in the game when you lose. There are many places to explore, many bad guys to meet, and tons of treasure to get! You level up and everything too, a full fledged RPG in an RPG. :) Joobs creek was okay, but I didn't like that you had to drift the same river everytime. The only reason a player would want to play it more then once, is to either see if he could get farther then last time, or get more purple coins. Back to the "real" game. The bosses were well desigined, and had different stratagies to defeat each one. The game play is absolutly amazing, but I must take away one star for the huge learning curve.

The graphics are the best I have seen in almost any other click game, even better then 99% of other freeware games. This is, of course, in my opinion. The pre-rendered graphics seemed to turn some people away (as well as the 235 meg download, ouch!). Most people however, really liked the graphics. The backgrounds were really great, they added ton's of atmosphere to the game. The places to go vary from a pleasent outdoor garden with found Just looking at the screenshot's, I could hardly believe that this game was made by only one person in a year or so. Well done, Shroomlock!

The music was great, and fitting for the enviorment you were walking around in. Although the music was not made by the Shroom himself, he did take the liberty to BUY the music. What a nice guy, paying for other people to play a freeware game! ;) Anyway's back on topic. The music was great, I kind of wish the battle music was more, er, actiony? It seemed a bit happy for people battling evil monsters trying to take over the world. All the other music was nice though. The sounds were really good in the battle engine, but I would have like to see more atmospheric noises as well, like footprints, or birds (which were all over the place). The cool sounds in the battling make up for that however, and I would say this section deserves a 9.

The lastablity is what sets this game apart for almost all click games. You can get many, many hours of gameplay from this awesome game. On the other hand, once you beat the game, the part of you that is playing just to see the ending dies, and there isn't a ton of motavation to play again. You can unlock a hard mode, which was a great move on Shroomlocks part, because it gives the player something to try, even after he beat the game on normal. Iffermoon offers a load of playing time, I would say 12+ hours or even more, depending how much you like playing the mini-games or if you want to level up your people all the way. Iffermoon far outdoes most freeware games when it comes to lastability, which is why I think it deserves a ten.

Overall, this game is a masterpiece that really flexes the muscles of MMF and TDC should be proud to have it on the site. If the system allowed, I would give Iffermoon a 9.5, but I'll just round that up to a perfect 10! :) Shroomlock has made a great example of just what can be done with clickteam products. I also think that it is very nice of him to give away all the money he gets to a good cause (not a new hot tub if thats what your thinking ;)), even after he paid for hosting that huge download and the music and probably a few other things too. We should all give a tip of the hat to Shroomlock, even if you don't think Iffermoon deserves a 10. Amazing job Shroomlock!

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Posted by Hill Gigas 14th July, 2008

Thanks for taking the time to write this review!
Posted by Codemonkey 14th July, 2008

Yeah my fingers need a rest lol.
Posted by Ski 14th July, 2008

Hmmm Ill try and write up an improved version when I get the time Image
Comment edited by -Adam- on 7/14/2008
Posted by Codemonkey 15th July, 2008

Heh, guys come on lol.
Posted by Hill Gigas 15th July, 2008

What are you talking about Codemonkey? We all have smileys at the end of our sentences! <--see?

But seriously, I usually DO review the games of people that review mine. Or at least I try to. It takes a long time to write a review (even a negative one), so it seems only fair to return the gesture.

Speaking of which, Codemonkey, I plan on writing a review for Coiny Toiny soon!
Posted by Codemonkey 16th July, 2008

Smily's can be sarcastic, it's hard to tell. Yay a coiny toiny review! I can't believe that it got on the front page lol. I was hoping I could change my name back to just plain Codemonkey before I got on the front again, and I didn't think coiny toiny would put me there lolz. Ah well whatever.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2008

You should! I'll be sure to return the favor for your next release.

You think I'm going to release my major projects here, to be rated and reviewed by 12 year olds? lol.
Posted by Codemonkey 16th July, 2008

14. T_T
Posted by Hill Gigas 16th July, 2008

I'm surprised you visit the Daily Click so frequently if you have so much hostility towards it's members, even though most of them (from what I can see) have been very supportive of your projects.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2008

Actually I get along perfectly with most clickers. And hostility? Like the mails you sent me, yes?
Posted by Hill Gigas 16th July, 2008

I sent you an email saying that some of your comments were a slap in the face to me, and they were. I thought some of your comments were overly harsh.

You responded with a pretty nasty email yourself, so you shouldn't point fingers. I overlooked that and sent you another email saying I shouldn't have taken some of your comments so personally. I guess you disregarded that one.

You can't point a finger at me saying I'm hostile. I've extended a hand of friendship several times.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2008

"You responded with a pretty nasty email yourself"

No, I pointed out I was one of the people that asked you to stay at TDC.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2008

Yes I do like you of course, and yes I can sound harsh but I wasn't doing that out of spite, I was just being honest about my opinions on the game because I felt people were over-hyping it.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2008

Oh you deleted your comment now.
Posted by Hill Gigas 16th July, 2008

Well look, it's over now. I have no hard feelings about anything.

My comment above was NOT sarcasm. Even if you left me a very negative review, I would STILL want you to release your games on the DC and I would review them fairly. I was actually very impressed with your video of Lilykin, and I left comments saying that a long time ago. If your comments upset me at some point, it's over now and no big deal.

All of this stuff with downloads, ratings, reviews and drama just isn't worth it, I would MUCH rather have a good relationship with the members here, including you.
Posted by Hill Gigas 16th July, 2008

There, I posted it again. I deleted it because I thought you logged off without responding and I felt silly.

Listen, it's all good now. I'm glad we worked things out.
Posted by Codemonkey 29th July, 2008



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