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Review: FIG
Author: Z D
Added: 08/08/2008

The games presentation is perfect. The main menu screen looks wonderful as well as the other menus, and the fade in and out transitions look wonderful.

In “Floating Island Guy” your goal is help a brainless character collect stars and reach the checkered flag to complete a level. You don’t have any control over your character. Instead you use the mouse to control various objects in the playing field. Imagine a much less interactive version of the classic Lemmings games and you‘ve got “Floating Island Guy“. In the first level you have to activate a switch to help him get a across a gap. In another you control a sub marine that helps get through water. The problem is that you only get a few seconds to figure out what you can control before your character walks to his doom. This is very frustrating. The more you play this game, the more it becomes a test of reflexes and not intelligence. This goes against the basic idea of puzzle games. During one stage you click on rotating levers to activate moving platforms so your character car reach the goal. The challenge isn’t figuring out the puzzle, its clicking the mouse fast enough to move the platforms in time. Some puzzles don’t even make sense. On one stage you control a boulder, a falling stalactite, a car, and a plank. There’s also a flying dragon creature in the bottom corner of the screen. How this puzzle works or was even thought of is beyond me, and I didn’t have the patience to figure it out. And despite the frustration level the game is very unsatisfying. Completing a few puzzles brought me no joy. The only motivation for finishing the game is get it over with, and it really isn’t worth the time.

The graphics make the game shine. The art style reminds me of “Yoshi’s Island” which was one of the best looking games on the Super Nintendo. I love it when the character slowly falls from the sky. His flipping animation is amusing, and fun to watch. If only he could just float forever. The characters in the game are very strange looking and this only adds to games visual appeal. Each stage has its own unique look and design. Some of the backdrops even have faces sticking out of them. The colors are bright and vibrant, the level designs are very creative. The also has a ton of quality effects. On one level you click on a guy with binoculars and you can see the entire level through the view of the binoculars. What’s the point of it? I have no idea, but its fun to mess around with when you’re bored of frustrated with this game. In another stage, a crow sits high above the level and his feathers drop and begin to pile up on the ground below. Once again this adds nothing to the game but it sure looks great.

The music is pure whimsy. It sounds like something you would hear in a pleasant dream, which is the kind of vibe I get when I look at this game: a pleasant dream. Some of the more quiet moments reminded me of the classic Super Nintendo game “Super Metroid“. It captures the feeling of being isolated and alone perfectly. The music on each stage varies. One level could have an up tempo beat going in the background while one level will use slow and heavy drum patterns. All credit for the music goes to Johan Hargne. Yes a click game actually had a real composer. I hope that one day Hargne becomes a millionaire because he sure has the talent.

The game has 30 levels with extra stars to collect on the side. This added bonus adds considerable replay value to the game, but I doubt any one would beat all the levels and do it all over again.

While "FIG" is technically sufficient the gameplay dosent get the job done. Its a frustrating puzzle game thats frustrating for all the wrong reasons. Since the game is 30 megabytes you might want to get rid of this game soon after you get it. Dont beleive the hype.

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Posted by Codemonkey 8th August, 2008

It's floating Island Game lol. Although I don't agree with your rating, it's a well writen review.
Posted by Hempuli 8th August, 2008

Actually this review was quite good one - I was waiting for a way worse one. Thanks The only thing that annoys me is that last sentence - I think it's a bit unfair. 30 megs isn't that big. Also, as codemonkey stated, it's 'Floating Islands Game'.

Thanks for this review. It's always sad to see that the only review you've got is 6/10, but that's life. Now let's just wait for a HC fanboy to write a 10/10
Comment edited by Hempuli on 8/8/2008
Posted by Z D 8th August, 2008

It was floating island game? Whoops.

It is kind of unfair that the only review is a 6/10. Anyone that likes this game needs to step up to the plate and write a review.
Comment edited by Z D on 8/8/2008
Posted by Mr_Tom 8th August, 2008

i agree with a lot of the stuff here, but i would feel the need to rate it higher purely for the originality of the game.
Posted by Z D 8th August, 2008

Then you write your own review.
Posted by Codemonkey 8th August, 2008

BTW the point of the binoculars is to find the blue star.
Posted by Hempuli 9th August, 2008

Codemonkey, I don't think that matters very much.
Posted by Codemonkey 9th August, 2008

lol IT DOES!
Posted by Zezard 10th August, 2008

Hehe, actually what you wrote about the binoculars and, the fact that you couldn't figure out what it would be good for, pretty much goes against your statement that the game only requires fast reflexes, no offence intended. XP

I have a pretty different view of this thing that the guy will normally die the first time you try a level. I see it more as, "This is the level, look what happens when the guy tries to finish it, now try to find out what to do and recall the guy". If you look at the game in this way, the player has unlimited with time.


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