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Review: FIG
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 09/08/2008

FIG is very well presented, the heads up display is very neat and clear and the presentation in general is kept very consistent throughout. One of the first things you come across whilst playing this game is the Menu Screen which involves choosing a World, then a Planet, then a Level. While this is all nice, you don't feel that you assosiate any of these selections with the orbiting planets on the right hand side of the screen. But it gives a lovely innovative effect.

If you have ever played any of the Hapland games then the method of playing this game will seem very familiar. The gameplay is simple, get your character across the level to the flag whilst aquiring the required number of yellow stars. There is also a difficult to aquire blue star on every level which isn't necessary to collect but is needed if you aim to claim the 100% complete achievement. The learning curve on this game is very good, the beginning levels are easy to get the hang of early on and the later levels provide more of a challenge. The thing I love about this game are the clever puzzles that need solving, however quite a few of the challenges break the mould and require you to perform actions in a very fast manner. This is an interesting twist but can be a bit frustrating. Also the physics in the game like the timing of switching on and off fans to make it across the level can seem very unobvious.

The graphics in this game are quite simple, they look as if they are done very quickly with a thick brush in microsoft paint with a single shade for shadows, however this provides no harm, the graphics throughout the game are consistant and don't ruin the FIG experience.

The ambient music in this game is thoroughly enjoyable, it really sets the scene. The sound effects are ok, but don't have as great an impact as the music score.

As I'm writing this review I have just re-attempted 2 levels I was previously stuck on, as far as lastability goes I'm still coming back to the game. It seems that a lot of levels will have you stumped (I can't seem to work out the last level at all!) but you will find coming back to them will spark off an idea that will get you through it. Also I have find that I have not uncovered half the blue stars in the game and they provide something to come back to after completing the levels. The only problem with regards to lastability is that there is only 1 way to complete all of the levels and coming back to them will feel repetative so this lets it down.

Overall a very well made game. It's a shame that the game is so rigid that the replay value is lost. Other game modes of larger levels would have provided better lastabilty. But I have enjoyed it and I recommend anyone that hasn't to download it.

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Posted by Marko 10th August, 2008

Very fair review on the whole. I liked this game and i would give it 8/10 too. Though 6/10 isn't a bad score either - it's above average, in fact (re: "8/10? Why Do You Hate My Game?" in ARTICLES section)

Seriously though, FIG is a great game and thoroughly deserved GOTW! Go download!!
Posted by Zezard 10th August, 2008

I would have rated lastability a little lower, but given it full gameplay. If you have gotten 100%, there is little reason for you to play it again, and this can pretty easily be achived during one day. I would however present it yo any of my friends and tell them to try it, as it suits all kind of people.

Masterly written Klik-review.
Posted by alastair john jack 29th September, 2008

Great review my master!


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