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Review: Sleepwalker
Author: Ian Phoenix
Added: 26/08/2008

Neat, sleepy "Dreamworks" style graphics with a catchy song playing in the background. The interface is easy and I instantly understood the controls.

Reminiscent of older puzzle games like The Incredible Machine, this game puts your mind to work to use what you have to make sure sleepyhead gets to the other side of the screen. It's simple enough, but with some clever level design and some interesting props you have to play with, its pretty fun. Although a few of the levels were a bit too easy, and a couple of the levels I had to do some really odd things with objects not made for that purpose, so it seemed like I had to make up a way to beat the level instead of having a designed way to do so.

Simple, clean, and charming. The graphics do their part. I like the little sleepy guy's animation, and the environments are quaint, although the environment seems crafted to each level, I at times wished to see something else than just grass and dirt.

A neat guitar and harmonica song gets you in the mood, and the voice sound effects (you'd have to hear them to understand what I am talking about) are odd, yet funny. The audio aspect of this game is definitely a plus.

This game is pretty short. I didn't count the levels, but I wouldn't say there is more than 10 of them, and once you've figured them out, I'd say the replayability is pretty much nil. There is no timer or score system to speak of so the game is over pretty quickly. I personally beat it in under 10 minutes.

Overall, this is a quaint and easily likable game with a lot of potential. It's over very quickly, but while it lasts, I'm sure anyone with two brain cells to scrape together will get a kick out of it. I would really like to see an expanded version or a sequel with a longer run time, a story perhaps, and a level editor would be a god addition too. Even as it is, easily recommended.

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Posted by Mr_Tom 27th August, 2008

a bigger version of this would be similar to FIG but imo would be far better because this kind of puzzle is better than the type in FIG which is less dynamic and more guess work. I think FIG should have been a bigger and better version of Sleepwalker.
Posted by BeefCake! 1st September, 2008

The music and sound effects we're the best part in my opinion! great review though!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Ski 4th September, 2008

The sound effects (voice acting) were terrible. It made it embarrasing to play- no game should use Phrases like "oh yeah!" or "OKAY!" unless it's actually exciting or fast-paced.


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