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Review: Alien Assault
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 01/10/2008

Here we have an old school arcade shooter called Alien Assault. Now I personally have always loved games like this, and this game was a very pleasant surprise. It has a wide variety of powerups, enemies and effects, and is probably one of the best klik shooters I've played in a long time.

Gameplay is very solid. You control your ship through classic style stages, with enemies swooping in from all sides in preset flight patterns. Success relies on your ability to memorize the stages with some practice and anticipate where the enemies will be and what they will do. You are given excellent control of your ship, so if you die, it's your fault. You can't blame the controls here.

Graphics are excellent. This game just barely counts as a retro style shooter due to the quality of some of the graphics and effects. While certain graphic elements are certainly simplified for stylistic reasons, there are still plenty of great explosion and weapon effects that set it apart from older shooters. Enemies and bosses are simply drawn, but the huge and creative variety of them makes up for this.

Sounds and music help to keep the action going. Sound effects are powerful and add extra oomph to each hit. Music, while keep a lower profile in the levels, really adds to the sense of fun.

Lastability will be higher if you have a tolerance for the old fashion way of doing things. You get three lives, then it's game over. Since the game is so well made, I would have liked to have seen a continue system or even a save system implemented. Maybe for the sequel?

Overall, this was a very fun game to play. I would have liked to have seen more powerups come my way, but I made it pretty far and the game held my attention. Graphics are colorful and stylish, sounds were chosen well, and creative mini bosses keep the levels interesting. Highly recommended for arcade shooter fans!

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Posted by KNPMASTER 1st October, 2008

thanks for you excellent review shroomlock. it's good to see people reviewing games again.


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