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Review: Friendly-Strike 3
Author: Zoglu
Added: 05/10/2008

Friendly-Strike 2 was an excellent shooter/platformer. The goal was to buy weapons and kill other players or CPUs. The gameplay was simple yet really, really addictive.

Well, Friendly-Strike 3 looks like the perfect sequel : it starts with awesome, beautiful yet clear menus, frow which you can start a new offline or online game, set up some options, learn how to play...

A few clicks later, you can start playing and... the only "word" which could come to your mind is "wow". The game consists in fast-paced deathmatchs (even if you can play a Capture the Flag mode) where victory only relies on skill and strategy. You can use up to 48 wepaons, each of them has its own characteristics. You can also play with the CPUs (the AI is more than decent). And playing with 4 friends is really entertaining. To sum up, you'll have a lot of fun playing FS3.

Now for the graphics. The characters are well animated, the background looks a bit simplistic cometimes but the effects are very well made. Surely, it's not the most beautiful game ever made, but they fit the game perfectly and they look more than decent. Anyway, the game is so great that you won't pay attention to the graphics ;)

Rhythmic, catchy musics will make you want to play more. The sound effects are really great too, each weapon has its own well-chosen sound.

The lastability in FS3 is really high. Two diffrent game modes, 4 difficulty levels with CPUs, more than 25 arenas at start, an arena editor (!) and also, THE great idea : an online mode. It would be certainly greater with a real one-player mode (with missions and stuff, it would be great). However, as the game is simple to learn but hard to master, it's no doubt that you will play this game for a veeeery long time.

Is Friendly-Strike 3 the best click game at the moment? Maybe not, but it's undoubtly one of the best. Anyone who likes action games (and the others players too)should test it. So, I strongly recommend to download it right now and... have fun ! :D

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Posted by Codemonkey 6th October, 2008

I agree, it deserves 10 stars!
Posted by Ski 7th October, 2008

way too generous.
Posted by danjo 7th October, 2008

its a great game but i also think way too generous on the rating there.
Posted by Zoglu 7th October, 2008

The only Click games I've had enjoyed so much were Noitu Love 2, Knytt Stories and... Friendly-Strike 2 And this sequel is even better in my opinion.
Which other Click game includes online play, a level editor and such a great gameplay?
Posted by Ski 7th October, 2008

"great gameplay"

You really think? o_O
Posted by danjo 8th October, 2008

its a good game zogla, but looks like you got stars in your eyes.
this can be improved upon.
Posted by Pixelthief 8th October, 2008

yeah besides Eternal Daughter and Knytt Stories, I've not seen too many click games that actually get me INTO them.
Posted by Zoglu 8th October, 2008

"You really think? o_O "
Yeah, sorry for thinking this Image

Danjo : The only improvements that could be made (IMO) are mouse aiming (according to some players, but personnaly I'm not disturbed at all by the keyboard aiming) and a real 1 player mode. I think FS3 is still one of the best Click games without this.
Comment edited by Zoglu on 10/8/2008


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