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Review: Friendly-Strike 3
Author: Marko
Added: 08/10/2008

This game wows from the start; the game begins with a professional-looking front end that is easily skipable if it's already been viewed. This little touch is nice and shows the level of care and attention that has gone into the game.

This then brings us to the menus, which are easy to describe - fantastico! Navigating the menus is exceptionally easy and highly intuitive; simply click on what you want to change - easy! It's plainly obvious that when it comes to the games menus, TheCalimero team have surpassed most people's expectations.

Another neat feature of FS3 is the online mode; not many kilk games feature online play, and few even come close to this in terms of the lobby. The ability to whine or gloat after each game in a stable and well laid-out lobby is a joy! Joining a multiplayer game is easier than most commercial games and this really is without faults.

So, we've set up our character, given him a name and chosen his head - now it's time to start the game...... oh dear! What have they done with the controls?? It's as if they have taken the refined controls from a million games before it and torn the rule book into tiny pieces! This almost (almost) put me off playing this game ever again! In case you haven't noticed, i despise the controls in FS3. They appeal to me as much as a wart on the eye. Having to re-learn how to play action games is very off-putting for me and is my only bug-bear with this otherwise perfect (yes, PERFECT) game. It's such a shame that players cannot use mouse-aiming, i would easily give up same-PC multiplayer gaming if i could use my mouse online. But i can't. After more play, it becomes clear why; this isn't simply another COD 4 wanna-be 2D deathmatch game (there are already enough of those out there). It has as much in common with Death Tanks and Worms as it does with Halo deathmatch! Once the controls become more second-nature it becomes alot easier to see the other plus-points in this game, such as the fact that money is the most important thing in this game. You have the money, you have the weapons - simple! With up to 4 players this can become a really frantic game of hunt or be hunted. And the style of the levels on offer (and there are a few!) means that there is always more than one way to get to and kill other players. The levels must have been designed by Michaelangelo because they are a work of art!

Not only are the levels well designed, they are very attractive to look at too. The sheer scale of different backdrop and platform design means that although many stages look similar, attention to detail reveals they all have their own unique style. Players also look good, with a French-like style to the design and colour schemes. The game certainly has alot of individually about it and the graphics do the game justice. The guns have some colourful effects and explosions are well animated, keeping in line with the cartoon feel to the game. All in all, alot of effort has gone into the game and it does not go unnoticed.

Now it's time to take that CD out of my laptop so that i can listen to teh game's music.... oh wait, it is the game! The music is superb and the sound effects are spot-on; each gun sounds meaty and the explosions 'boom' very satisfyingly; it's fun just to casually toss grenades around in order to listen to them going off. Another neat inclusion in the audio profile are the voice-overs. again, in keeping in line with the fun and cartoony feel of the game, voice-overs have a high-pitched, Alvin sound to them. This shows how well made the whole package is - nothing has been put in that doesn't fit and everything is complete.

The question here is 'how long's a piece of string?' - that's how long this game will last you! If you can get over the fact that you need to forget almost everything about any other game's controls in order to play FS3 then this game will last forever. On top of the fankly over-generous amount of maps - really, you're making the rest of us look bad! - there is a level editor thrown in to boot. This means that if properly supported, this game will last forever as people churn out new maps every week. The possibilities are almost endless!

All in all, this game is genius. I do think the controls are rank, however that is my opinion and i don't think everyone will agree with me. Therefore my final score will be adjusted to recognise that not everyone will have a problem with FS3's controls. Final words: download this game now and prepare to immerse yourself in this piece of genius!

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Posted by Zoglu 8th October, 2008

8/10? Why do you hate this game?!?! Image

Seriously, that's a good and fair review in my opinion Image
Comment edited by Zoglu on 10/8/2008
Posted by Marko 8th October, 2008

Haha, very good pun. I looked back at my ratings after i wrote this and thought "damn, everyone's ganna hate me for this!", however i do still think i was fair and after all, reviews are just opinions and are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to fact.

The fact that this game has already received two 10/10 reviews speaks more loudly than my 8/10.
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th October, 2008

This is best article this far of the game. Me and my riends have played FS2 a lot and now the everyone disliked newest one, because of the controls.

8 is also good choise, because I would give this game 7 if there wouldn't be those great lvl's. They are really good. But still I deleted this game, because we prefer to stick with FS2.
Posted by Codemonkey 9th October, 2008

Aren't the controls the same?
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th October, 2008

Yes but it's not so greatly working as in FS2
Posted by Marko 9th October, 2008

Why aren't people shouting at me for this article???
Posted by Codemonkey 10th October, 2008

Maybe because it's a review?
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2008

I am still surprised!
Posted by Zoglu 11th October, 2008

Ir's maybe because people hate this game too
Posted by 3kliksphilip 11th October, 2008

Do you WANT people to be shouting at you?
Posted by Marko 11th October, 2008

The answer to that question is: "no"


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