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Review: Brave Honey Bee
Author: -Adam McMillan-
Added: 08/10/2008

I think the game is presented very well on the whole, the menu is simple and effective. One thing, on the main menu, it says press start, when you're kinda pressing enter... that doesn't really matter though . Maybe there should have been a toggle option on the main menu for hard/normal when you have beat the game once on hard. As I said before, overall, the presentation was nice.

After a while, the game became quite addictive, which is exactly the desired effect from any game. Even though it seemed frustrating at times, it was worth it getting the honey ^_^. I like the idea of having the option of hard mode, in case you wanted more. Gameplay was great.

Screenshot 1

The graphics were simple yet effective. The colours contrasted fine, making it easy to distinguish between obstacles. I liked the flying animation very much ^_^. Graphics on the whole were good.

Screenshot 2

The music suited the game well. The clashing melodies were effective I thought. Got a bit annoying after a while though, but it was fine. Music quite good overall.

As mentioned before, this game is highly addictive and I could play it all day ^_^ (well maybe not ALL day...) and wouldn't get bored. This is hard to achieve, but you got it! Lastability: awesome.

Overall, this game makes a very effective yet simple game. I gave all aspects of the game a high rating (which is quite justified), and I congratulate the creator! ... wow, my first review... Adam.

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Posted by Codemonkey 10th October, 2008

Great reveiw!
Posted by -Adam McMillan- 12th October, 2008

i love your avatar codemonkey


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