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Review: Treasure Hunter Man
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 16/10/2008

Here is a brilliant and, unfortunatley, unfinished game called Treasure Hunter Man. Everyone should know this author by now, responsible for other icons of klik gaming such as "A Game With a Kitty" and "Stargirl". This game is just as much a work of art as the previous submissions, and it's only flaws are a result of the game being unfinished and unpolished in some areas. The name of the game itself simply doesn't do this game justice. There is a masterpiece here, and seems to be the victim of masterpiece fatigue on the part of the author.

Once again, this author has designed a near perfect game engine. Play control, hit detection, and platforming are spot-on. Characters move convincingly, and all actions, attacks and enemies feel like they have real weight to them. This game features one of the best klik engines released in a long time, so it's worth a look for that aspect alone. Gameplay only suffers a 1-point deduction for the lag in attacking. Pressing the attack button doesn't instantly trigger an attack, but instead happens about a third of a second later. That may not sound like much, but feels like an eternity in close combat.

The beauty of this game is evident from the start. Colorful multiscrolling backgrounds, rich and detailed landscapes, and quirky well-animated enemies and characters fill every screen. There is movement everywhere, animations are smooth and colors are rich. The graphics are also complimented by plenty of visual effects as well. You will definitely feel immersed in this world from the very beginning.

Music is well chosen and suits the game well. Sound effects are also very well done. Attacks hit hard with solids thuds and swipes, and explosions and other effects strike with crisp and powerful sounds. The game is kept more upbeat by Megaman style explosions and sounds for combat, explosions and your own death effect as well.

By the authors own admission, this is not a long game. It's unfinished towards the end, and the game isn't as long as it might have been otherwise. This is very unfortunate, but there is still enough of a game here to make the download well worth it. The game world as it is now is still much larger than most klik games and can still provide more gameplay than most klik games. The areas available will keep you interested, and have enough variety in enemies and bosses to keep you coming back for more. There is also a simple but effective save system, with save checkpoints placed in all the right places. This is good, because on normal mode you'll only get two hearts to start with!

Overall this game is a work of art that just didn't keep the authors interest quite long enough. It's not as long as the author intended, but there is still enough here to provide some action packed hours of gameplay. I hope that we'll see another game like this soon, and hopefully next time with a more deserving title! Recommended for any platformer fan!

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Posted by Ski 18th October, 2008

It's not unfinished. Have you actually played this?

To quote Bernie:

"By the way - the game isn't exactly abandonware. It's finished, has 2 endings and all treasures can be found. It's just not as big as I wanted it to be from the beginning."
Comment edited by -Adam- on 10/18/2008
Posted by Codemonkey 18th October, 2008

I agree with this review.
Posted by Hill Gigas 18th October, 2008

Adam, he also said:

"This is a game I stopped working on a while ago even though it was almost done. The last levels aren't what I wanted them to be, but oh well."

He says himself that it's not as long as he wanted it to be. He even says it could be called a Beta. So it may be finished in the sense that it has an ending, but it's unfinished in the sense that the author didn't complete it to his satisfaction.
Posted by Ski 18th October, 2008

Yeah, and the people reading this review aren't really gonna pick up on that, are they?
Posted by Hill Gigas 18th October, 2008

I think you're the only one that cares actually. I bet you're one of three people who read this.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 19th October, 2008

Lachie waves.
Posted by Windybeard Games 27th October, 2008

Posted by Codemonkey 28th October, 2008



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