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Review: Treasure Hunter Man
Author: Otter
Added: 11/11/2008

Well, here is a review of my favorite click game! No kidding. First off, the game's presentation, pretty good. I'm gonna give the game an 8 though because it was nothing I haven't seen before. But still overall good.

Now for Gameplay, THIS GAME IS FUN! Imagine Cave Story and Eternal Daughter coming together and having a baby, they would name Treasure Hunter man! Pretty much it uses basic sword swinging gameplay that we've seen so many times, but the game also has a lot of puzzles and twist and turns. A little bit like metroid, where you have to explore to get farther. Plus the bosses are all well made and fun. The first one is just kinda normal,(maybe a little too hard for a beginner)he stands as kind of an introductory. Then like in Metroid, as you gain powerups, you'll use them in the next level and to beat the next boss. I'm booting 1 point off gameplay just because there are too many times when you can't figure out what to do, plus the obviousality (is that a word?) changes too randomly from level level, when it should slowly lower, or stay the same throughout. Overall, still great!

The graphics are nice and beautiful. It seems like Eternal Daughter here, a tribute to SNES and the games of our youth. There is no real reason to dislike these graphics at all, I don't beleive ANYONE could find a single complaint. They're all spectactularly well made.

Beautiful, nice toons. Makes the game worth while and adds to the atmostphere. Nothing that really stands out, but they're all still very good tunes to play along to.

Uh... There is a lot of stuff, but not very much replay value. It'll last you a little bit, but a very long time. But still above average for a click game.

This game is absolutely excellent! Which is why I'm giving it a 10! This game is superb beyond beleif! Everything is fun and well made, plus it doesn't get boring! Bernie has made an awesome game and I hope he keeps it up! Hats off Bernie!

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Posted by Codemonkey 11th November, 2008

Good review wiiman!
Posted by AndyUK 11th November, 2008

The only criticism i would make it that it's really just like all his other games. It would be nice to see him take a new direction for the next one.
Posted by Otter 11th November, 2008

Well, I always like it when platformer guys try to make rpg and 8 directional games, they usually end up being very creative.


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