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Review: The Griffon Legend
Author: W3R3W00F
Added: 08/11/2008

The storyline was pretty good, but the menu art work was good!

Tough bosses, huge castles, all wrapped up in a great RPG style game!

Artwork? Great! Enemies are sweet, Locations are amazing, UI character is sweet!

Catchy music, good sounds! But when your health bar gets too low and you don't have any flasks, the beeping alarm tends to get annoying.

It could have been a BIT longer, but I understand how long it takes to make a game (Ask me how I know. :P). Though the game seemed short, it took me a few days to complete.

Awesome game! Definitely worth a download!

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Posted by W3R3W00F 8th November, 2008

Agh... Bad grammer. I hate that. wonder if I can edit this...
Posted by W3R3W00F 8th November, 2008

Sorry. I comment on myself occasionally.
Posted by syn9 14th December, 2008

Thanks for the review W3R3W00F. I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game. I would have liked to make it longer but I only had 2 months to make it before real life got in the way.
Posted by W3R3W00F 20th January, 2009

Haha unterstood. I voted it for GOTW But it didn't happen. T_T


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