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Review: 3D Tower effects how-to
Author: UnknownAlly
Added: 05/01/2009

The creator made it overall good presentation.
Everything was laid out perfectly. Nothing ugly at all. A big thumbs up. =

What can I say? There isn't much. It's an example! Generally speaking, it was pretty good. The creator demonstrates how to make a 3D tower effect. There's a big tower-like drawing in the middle, and platforms move around the tower. You move a block up and can land on these platforms. This gives you the illusion that the platforms move around a cylinder shaped tower. 3D in other words.

Graphics were just for demonstration. Although, they weren't bad at all.

No music or sound in this presentation. None needed. =D

WTF does that mean?

This is a good example that everyone should check out. You never know when you might want to make a level with this type of effect in it. I highly recommend downloading this. It only takes 3 clicks. CLICK - DOWNLOAD CLICK - OPEN CLICK - MOVE PLAYER IN GAME

Sound and Music:

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Posted by RedEnchilada 10th January, 2009

Wait, someone reviewed my example?



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