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Review: Gunner 3
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 16/04/2009

Presentation: I'm having mixed feelings here. On one had it's a very slick and mostly bug free game, but on the other hand it has a certain aspect that screams "MADE WITH A CLICK PRODUCT IN THE EARLY YEARS OF THE DECADE!".

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. Even though it's just a platformer where you shoot stuff and face a boss in the end of each level, it's just so fun to play because of the insane amount of weapons at your disposal. Up till now I still run the game when I'm bored and try to get through the levels with only one of the weapons, and play around with the guided missile launcher. Words cannot describe how fun this game is.

Graphics: Pretty much like I said in the presentation bit, it looks good but has a certain click vibe to it. Some might say it's OK, but in my taste it's not too impressive. Also everything is pretty simple looking, you won't get to see anything visually mind blowing. Still I can't say it's ugly looking.

Music: LOUD MIDI MUSIC!!!!!!!!! God that's annoying. 99% of the time I play the game without sound.

Lastability: Like I said in the gameplay bit, I'm still playing this game every now and then, this game can last forever, or at least a very long time.

Overall: One of my favorite click games, this game is loved by many but still has kind of an underground vibe to it, I don't see it being mentioned as much as some other click classics, but you must play it, no doubt about that.

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