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Review: Gunner 3
Author: Max
Added: 28/06/2002

I've played this game for quite a while before, and I've labelled it as one of my favorite click games ever. Sure, the graphics are a bit cheesy, but this game is terribly fun.


The background graphics really look good, so does most of the character graphics. Bosses look pretty much good. The main character looks a bit funny, but there's nothing much wrong with that.


If you've liked playing all these Mega Man games during your childhood, you can skip reading this review and download the game right away, because I guarantee that you'll enjoy it to death. It exactly plays like a Mega Man game, as you play as a gunman fighting off a bunch of rather challenging enemies and bosses through the 9 levels of this game. As you play through the levels, you'll find hidden weapons that you can collect and use for the remaining levels of the game. These extra weapons will make the game a lot easier. The game could be completed using the basic startup weapon, but it would be an incredibly hard feat, and I do not recommend that.

Bosses are for the most part the reason why this game is challenging. The many end-of-level guardians you'll face possess wild attack patterns and can quickly finish you off. Bosses feature an attack chopper, a giant mechanical spider-like enemy, and many more. The tough part of the boss battles is that enemies must be shot at a particuliar spot in order to be damaged, and that spot may not be easy to shoot.


There's not much levels, but chances are that you'll take quite a bit of time to finish them. You'll also want to replay through the level in order to find every single weapon of the game.


Gunner 3 is a very fun game. It got lots of shooting, cool enemies, tough bosses, and fun levels. What other things could be in this game to make it great? I dunno, most of the great stuff is already in

Download that game if you've never played that classic before. If you never heard of Gunner 3, be ashamed of yourself and play it now!!


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