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Review: Santaman and his iced muffins
Author: Mr G
Added: 26/04/2009

I really liked this game so I'm gonna review it

The theme of the game is obviously about a man, Santaman trying to collect at the iced muffins and escape. The objective of the game is pretty simple and nice. The feeling of the game spreads through, starting from the menu to in-game. There isn't anykind of ackward feeling to the game because you will know what to expect from this game even once you open the game first time. I was pretty much happy with the visual theme of the game, altough the creator says it's a puzzle game, it feels more like a slow-paced platformer similar to Mr. Stumps Dentures.

The gameplay of the game at start felt a bit ackward because the player was only able to move at a gridbased movement even if it wasn't a top-down vertical grid based game. I believe it would have been better if the gameplay was more free like in Fishead series, but I guess it's his choice and I respect him for that ;) The "bad guys" in the game suit the overall concept of the game pretty much because they are not much challenging but retro. But probably because of the puzzle theme of the game, they don't have to be hardcore against the player. I didn't see all the bad guys cause I didn't play till the end of the game. If there aren't any challenging bosses or bad guys on the other levels, I would suggest adding more variety to the bad guys ;)

The graphics of the game suit the style of the game and is similar to all of his games (mostly Fishead series). But it seems to have better quality than the earlier games from the creator. I really liked the graphics of the game and I can't say anything bad about them. But maybe adding a little more eye-candy on the special effects of the game would make it more colorful. Like making animated backgrounds and flashy effects when something is accomplished.

The sound/music area was really nice. The music wasn't disturbing at all and it suited the general gameplay of the game, slow-paced and same feeling from start to end. Maybe adding some voice effects for the player and the enemies would have been pretty good, like the santaman speaking and a speech bubble also appearing and showing what he had said. Same thing also for the enemies.

The lastability of the game is pretty high if you are into slow-paced retro/puzzle games. I would especially suggest these games to my cousins who are aged 7-14 mostly. The lastability was long mostly because of the nice graphics and the music, but I think it could go even further if there are more particular modes added to the game like multiplayer or more single-player modes ;)

Overall, I really liked this game. Like all games made by Hayo, Santaman and his iced muffins seems to have been created with great care. I would suggest everyone to play this game and guarentee that they will have fun with it. But if there will be a sequel to this game, please Hayo add my suggestions too :D

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Posted by Klayman 27th April, 2009

Im a little confused. How do you know about the game's lastability if you didn't play through the entire thing?
Posted by Mr G 27th April, 2009

It's not just how many levels a game has actually. Lastability can also mean how many times it's gonna get played when you finish it before or leave it and start again.

So I might play this game for 1 month even if not finishing it, because I may have had a lot of fun from it...


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