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Review: Santaman and his iced muffins
Author: MBK
Added: 09/05/2009

Top-Notch Presentation.
Smooth and precise to near-perfection.
I'm curious as to why SantaMan has to collect iced muffins though, his blood sugar low or something?

The gameplay is hindered only by its slow pace. I don't usually like most puzzle genre games, but this is one of those rare exceptions where I actually enjoyed playing a puzzler. The only real faults that I can find with the gameplay is the slow pace and a few boring puzzles put in the way of the fun n' easy ones. If movement were quicker, and the switch puzzles (the ones where you have to flip a bunch of switches up and down and guess the pattern to open gates) were replaced with some less annoying and less boring puzzle (maybe one of those Dizzy slider puzzles?), then this game would be even better.

I really enjoy Hayo's style of graphics. Very professional and everything fits to the theme extremely well.

The music is good enough, it does fit the theme well. Additional sounds with attention to detail added much to the game.

I'm afraid that the slow pace of these puzzle theme games, and their similar styled puzzles often shortens their lifespan dramatically. Once through, maybe not even that far, and then people get bored and move on to something else.

I didn't find any glitches and everything played quite smoothly. It has a professional old-school feel about it. I recommend anyone to play at least a few levels of this game.

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