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Review: Smash Face Volley
Author: MBK
Added: 06/05/2009

Good presentation, nice intro, nice menus.

There were a few things that probably should have been changed, but not many.

The gameplay was quite good aside from some minor annoyances. If levels were added each time you beat the game, well, this score would be even higher. I would have liked to see some specials for each character. This must have been a huge project though, with all the environmental effects that act upon the ball and the character.

Graphics were wonderful. I especially liked the bridge level with the mountains in the background.

Music was nice, but not as nice as it could have been. It got sorta old after beating the game so many times.

This is a fun game to return to from time to time. There's a 2-player mode, which is real nice when you have someone to play. The problem with that is that noone wants to be cramped together sharing a small screen and using the same keyboard. If only I could afford a big screen hd tv and actually had a place to put it so I could hook it to the computer ... Does anyone know how to hook a laptop to a regular tv? .. but, yeah, this game is good enough to last for quite awhile.

It's a good solid game with alot of nice elements to it. How the environment affects the ball was a truly nice touch and sets this game apart from the crowd.

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