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Author: Nuklear41
Added: 14/05/2009

Presentation: 6/10 This game looks good and has nice effects but there is no title screen no leader board (as far as I know) But it still works.

Gameplay: 6/10 I have no clue what to do. I click on the game and bam! It starts going. Colors and things are all over the place. The controls make sense, but there is hyperdrive which makes things appear. Not sure what but they come. You seem to have to hit things with your colorful ray. I got 60k points and wonder how others did. Wish there was a leader board. If the game didn't crash each time I got to 2% health this game would get a higher rank, but what ya gonna do.

Graphics: 7/10 They look tripy!!! Gonna go eat some mushroom pizza and play this game. Works for the game and can't complain! Good show boyo.

Sound/Music: 5/10 No sound. Trippy music. (y) for the music (n) for the sound. Half and half.

Lastability: 3/10 If this game didn't crash and there was a leader board for the score it might have scored higher.

Overall: 5/10 This game could have been better with more description of the game, no crashing, and leader board. You should make a revised version and I'll review it higher for ya!

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Posted by Rocketron 15th May, 2009

when you've died once (gotten all the way to 0% without crashing) it displays your best score below your current score. See if you can get over 100k

EDIT: PS thanks for review
Comment edited by Rocketron on 5/15/2009
Posted by Nuklear41 15th May, 2009

No problem, sorry for the low score but I wish I understood the game itself more.


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