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Author: Rocketron Submitted: 13th May, 2009 Favourites:0
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Edited By Rocketron on 5/13/2009

The long anticipated sequel to rETARDEROIDZZZZZZ is finally here!!!
gRAVTARDEROIDZZZZZZ puts a new spin on the old classic, the force of gravity has made an entrance and is taking it to the edge of insanity.

A fast paced, action packed, old school space shooter with gravity and psychedelic visuals.

Same old controls: use da mouse... LEFT CLICK to use your engine RIGHT CLICK to shoot, MIDDLE CLICK for HYPERSPACE.

Made with construct.

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 (2.79 mkb )

Posted by Nuklear41 14th May, 2009
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This is so confusing! And the game crashes when you get down to 2% health.
Posted by Nuklear41 14th May, 2009
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Posted by steve 14th May, 2009
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Didnt seem to be playable at all.. more like a visual tech demo to show how many objects construct can handle?

Was the "music" randomly generated?

Posted by maVado 14th May, 2009

cool that the application itself knows what a bug is, why not self fixing it and recompile
Posted by Rocketron 14th May, 2009

I thought this was fixed - it doesnt crash for me but other people have this problem The music is made from mathematical sequences transposed into a midi. Such as the digits of pi.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 5/14/2009
Posted by Zoglu 14th May, 2009

Looks funny, but doesn't run on my awful laptop
Posted by Nuklear41 15th May, 2009
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Fun dude. You should have a mode where there isn't all the effects so you can understand the game itself.
Posted by Rocketron 15th May, 2009

that kind of defeats the point, its meant to be extreme DISTRAXXXXION
Posted by erghhhhx 15th May, 2009

Don't run on my comp for some weird reason. Whata shame, looks nice.
Posted by Muz 16th May, 2009
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Not really any fun in it. You should turn it into a screensaver, it's about the same thing
Posted by Rocketron 16th May, 2009

you might need to update directx or something






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