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Review: Ninja: Party IMPACT!! controls demo
Author: Sumo148
Added: 25/05/2009

Since this is just a demo for the controls, there isn't a lot of presentation, but I believe that for the final game, it will be amazing.

Gameplay was a bit...iffy. The animations were well done and the different attacks were cool, such as throwing knives, slashing swords, and "long jumping". The only thing I want to complain about are the controls. You dont really need the mouse for attacking and it sometimes gets really frustrating when trying to memorize the controls and trying to wall jump.

The graphics overall were nice, and I was surprised. They were simple, yet fun. His slashing animation was quite nice showing the motion trail and everything. The enemies were also quite funny XD Looked like goombas from mario, but morphed.

sadly there wasn't any background music, BUT there were a few sounds when you grab a cherry, jump, shoot knives, etc. It would have been better if there was a upbeat loop in the background.

Since it was a demo, there wasn't much lastability, but I enjoyed it overall, so it was okay.

Overall, it was a good demo! It showed some of the game, while making me want to play more. I wish there was more to the demo. Cant wait to play the full game!

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