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Review: Quarantine
Author: Rikus
Added: 03/11/2009

In Quarantine created by Adan, you have to fight of zombies while earning
cash so you can buy even bigger weapons to quickly kill even more zombies.

Itís a cool system and it works. The game has a cool tutorial that explains how you can buy weapons and such and the control system is pretty simple but can be glitchy at times. The game has a create weapon system were you can fire with your mouse and your heroes arm moves perfectly were you want him to shoot. The game ads some great little bits into the mix not only do you just shoot zombies but there are even some small puzzles to solve and you are even thrown into a back of a truck. The graphics could be a bit more fleshed out and there is only 1 type of zombie to kill there is a huge amount of content to explore here and the sound effects are easy on the ear. The only other thing that bothers me is that there is no musical score to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Overall a solid zombie killing game experience that gives you a bit extra when you least expect it.




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Posted by Aden 3rd November, 2009



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