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Author: Aden Submitted: 16th October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 213

Edited By Rikus on 10/16/2009

This game is for the TDC haloween comp 2009

arrows to move

left click to shoot

right click to reload

press b on a shop to buy weapons

press F to toggle the flash light

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Posted by Callebo 17th October, 2009
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I like the amount of weapon you could choose from! Would however be fun to see some other enemies than just one kind of zombie
The tank part was cool aswell, but I couldn't really see what was going on in front of me.
Good job!
Posted by Aden 18th October, 2009

ah yes i shall type that in a txt document so i romember to chage those improvments incase i do decide to continue it
Posted by 0ko 22nd October, 2009
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I really enjoyed this game!
I like how the weapon you have seems to be a real thing instead of just glued to your arms.

My only beef is that... well there's a handgun, then it's all just assault-rifles and machine-guns! so, maybe in the next version have some semi-automatic rifles and some rocket launchers?
Posted by Aden 23rd October, 2009

ok there was a M14 which is semi-automatic = but anyway thanks!
Posted by 0ko 23rd October, 2009
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Oh sorry I didn't notice that!
Posted by Aden 23rd October, 2009

=P thats fine its defently the worst gun lol p90 is better ;P
Comment edited by Aden on 10/24/2009
Posted by [DELETED] 25th October, 2009
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This was really a great improvement from your older games. Sure the movement and moving platforms and things were somewhat glitchy but content wise, you really stepped it up. Great range of weapons, and it was cool to ride in a vehicle and also the tank. Keep it up!
Posted by Aden 25th October, 2009

thanks =






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