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Review: Halloween Candy
Author: Rikus
Added: 06/11/2009

In Halloween candy, you or your friends who you can all control must try and not get caught by the evil doctor! The idea behind the game is a good one where you can control up to 5 other players to try and avoid a evil dr from stealing your candy.

However more time needs to be spend in making this game more exciting. But before we get to all of that lets go to the good stuff! The atmosphere in this game is great! I loved the random voices and that you can walk all over the house from the kitchen to the bedroom so you can go anywhere. The only thing you need to worry about in the game is try to not get caught by the evil doctor.

The graphics in the game are also very well done and I appreciated all the different characters and their background stories. However for starters the game could really use a mini-map that shows you were the evil doctor is in the house.

When I played for the first time with just 1 character I could walk for almost 3 minutes without encountering this evil guy. But when I played with all my characters, they were all killed off pretty quickly because I could not see were the doctor was located so I could not try and protect them.

Screenshot 3

Also I would like to have more to do! Collecting power ups, or finding keys to locked rooms. I know the author did not choose to have weapons in this game on purpose so other stuff needs to be done to entertain the player like puzzles or something to reward the player for staying alive for a certain period of time other than a higher score.

Overall, the makings of a very cool and original game is here, and I loved the character selections! But more things need to be added to the game for a more rewarding game play experience.

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Posted by HorrendousGames 6th November, 2009

Good review! You have some great points!

I'd like to point out a few things that I wanted to add in the game, but had to cut for time purposes.

This game really doesn't feature many rewards (other than a score), but it really leaves it up to the user to determine weather they did a good job or not (which you might as well be running around the neighborhood with your friends.)

I originally designed this game to have 3 separate levels, depending on how many points you earned you were allowed to spend them and unlock a new level. I also designed in a new game (separate from halloween candy and halloween tag) based on the classic "Ghost in the Graveyard" where at the beginning of each round, the dr would hide in a random hiding place and stay there untill someone found him, then after that all the players in the game mosey on down to a random safe area. That game would contain two modes as well, one of which the player would go untill that player was killed, and the other where a player would select a set ammount of rounds, and if the player survived a round he would be rewarded with one point. But if the player died, that player would start again on the next round, but not recieve their sought after point. The player at the end of the rounds with the most points win.

I also planned in a mode for Halloween Candy and Ghost in the Graveyard called "Trick or Treat" where the player would play as the killer and try to track down all the players in the level. All of course which the player would have to unlock before playing.

On top of that there was that online scoreboard that I was complaining about on the forums, which might've helped out a bit.

I like what you said about not knowing where the dr was, although I do think the minimap idea would kill the gameplay (if you always knew where the killer was, then it would make it way too easy.) If you've ever played Friday the 13th for NES, any time JV would attack any of the players or children, the top of the screen would bleep so you would know to try to save them kids or switch to that character. I wanted to make a locational based killing system, where instead of the killer just up and killing a player, that killer would grab that player and either kill them on the spot or drag them over to a certain location and do whatever (i.e. stairs he would throw them down, or stick their hand in the garbage disposal in the kitchen, or toss them out a window, or give them a swirly in the toilet). But while the killer had them in their clutches, that character could yell and if another character came to their rescue the killer would let them go.

I also wanted the killer when the killer reaches a hiding spot with a player in it, rather than the player jumping out and getting killed, the killer would do something specific to that particular place. (for instance for the garbage disposal again, we came up with the surreal idea that the killer would reach his hand down and grab the players head, yank them through the top and turn on the disposal, unrealistic but greusome.)

But of course alot of that was a little too ambitious, and animation heavy so there was no way we would have been able to finish that in time. But, I'll have everyone know that the 3rd game on our list ("Homesick") is what this design was based off of and is quite extensive, so rest assured it will be something to look forward to.

Thank you so much for this review Rikus, I was worried it wasn't going to be something I wanted to hear, but instead it turned out to be everything I already knew were it's downsides, so now I know if I finish a design in its entirety, it'll be something special.
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th November, 2009

whose doing the review here?
Posted by HorrendousGames 7th November, 2009

I am, duh! Sheesh.


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