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Review: Wendy
Author: monkeytherat
Added: 01/12/2010

Wendy is a game where you shoot bubbles at various creatures so that you can run over them to kill them. You must kill all of the enemies to proceed to the next level. This game is rather simple, but if you told it to someone, they may not consider playing it...

The controls were awkward and the game had some glitches. There was very little friction, and you moved fairly quickly. It was pretty hard to not run into an enemy, and it took quite a few shots to stun them. There was a glitch where sometimes you couldn't collect a heart. One thing that kinda bugged me was the fact that leaving the frame teleported you to the other side, but the same didn't happen to your bubbles. Aside from that, the game wasn't very fun.

The graphics were... ok at best. In the picture above your life, Wendy wears eye-shadow, but in her sprite there is none to be found. Also her boobs are huge...

From What I've played of the game, there is one rather annoying music track, so I just played on mute and listened to my own music.

I may go back to this game sometime, But probably fun. If I wanted to I could play through this whole game, but I wouldn't enjoy it.

all in all, this game is pretty bad in a lot of ways, but still an okay game to kill a few minutes if you have internet, although you probably wouldn't be playing THIS if you had internet...

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Posted by Yai7 1st December, 2010

A review is a reivew! It ment to be a simple game! Thank you and enjoy these 25 pts you got for this review! ^^


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