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Review: Zombie Swarm
Author: Otter
Added: 01/11/2011

Arguably one of the better points of the game. The music is very good and scary in all of its ambience, which adds to the presentation game. The menues are my personal favorite addition to the games presentation. The start menu is very cool, especially how it shows the footprints in the direction of the sign you point at. I also loved the atmosphere change when the demon zombies showed up. But I can't give this game a 10 in presentation because...well, its faulting in other areas, graphics in specific, draw the presentation down as well. Just simple shading on those trees, or some lines going up and down to resemble bark, would have made the menu look so much cooler. If the signs had some lines to make them look old, they would have been much scarier. Also, some variety in playing atmosphere would have made things cool and scarier; like a wrecked helicopter in the middle or the foundation of a burnt down house? A bunch of tumbled bricks? Maybe even have a different background addition for every difficulty? Just small stuff would have made the game much scarier.

Gameplay The gameplay is what made the game excel. It's just down home honest zombie slaying. "Kill them all and let God sort them out!" But unfortunately, I think the glorious simplicity of the game actually becomes...too simple? Just a couple more complex elements to the gameplay would make a big difference. For example, have zombies drop random temporary power ups, like unlimited ammo, or maybe a flash that blinds all of the zombies for a second. I can overlook the simple AI easily believe it or not. But, I assume the reason Sumo chose to use the very wide open area is because he just used some simple chase AI, like bouncing ball on follow; correct? But I think some more complex arena options would have helped regardless. It doesn't have to be as complex as the one he shows on teh project page, but just some variety other then the empty space. Even with the simple AI this game has,some obstacles and buildings and such would definitely make the game funner. I realize the simple AI would probably get stuck on walls and such, but as long as the bullets didn't go through walls, you'd still have to go hunt them down and kill them, which would be fun. I was also quite bugged by the fact that if you run out of ammunition, you're pretty much doomed. Anytime you have to go buy ammuntion during a round, you will most likely be killed. This could be simply solved by making the game stop when you try to buy stuff. I realize Sumo wanted a sense of urgency, but this starts interfer with the gameplay in a bad way actually... But another good option, would be perhaps giving the player a very weak pistol with unlimited ammo? I think I could overlook only buying between rounds if there was something like that. Just small things to add depth would have made the game better, like maybe make it where if the player starts bleeding you have to buy bandages or else they'll slowly loose health? Despite my complaints, the game just excels as true blue zombie smashing good time. But some more depth would habe gone a long ways in my opinion.

Graphics This was probably the games main falter right here. While I say congrats to sumo for making his own sprites and such, I think some shading would have really helped. Like I said earlier about the trees and signs, the game would have been so much scarier if stuff just looked a little more realistic.

Sound/Music While I don't think I would call the music and sound above the bar, I would call it at the bar at least. The gun shots and such are realistic and true. And the ambient music is very good, but not anything to go out of your way to listen too. I had windows media player playing by my third play. The sound effect when the demon zombies came was cool by the way!

Lastability- Hmm... Well it is a minigame...isn't it? At least I think it is. The lack of interesting changes and such made the game tiresome. Like I said, some variety and depth in the gameplay would have gone a long way. When you die and try it again, aside from a different difficulty, the game doesn't play any different. Other zombie games with arena like combat stay fun because it seems like some new strategy is thought up; like you might end up hiding in a different corner or building then last time. But for it is intended to be, a small time waster, it does okay lastability wise.

Overall- Plain and simple, it's a normal run of the mill zombie shooter. The fun is in running around while shooting, nothing else. Just some extra polish and some other features would have gone a long ways. But in the end, it's fun, and that's what truly matters when you play a game. Additional Comments and Suggestions- In my opinion, I think would be cool if when you shot your weapon it dropped shells on the ground. Also, I like to turn the blood off fade so that way I can see all of the carnage I am causing. I thought the fact you allowed the bullets to penetrate zombies was cool too because it added strategy. I like to try to line the zombies and kill as many as possible at once. Plus I realize that Sumo had to use the flash TGF2 for this, so I'm sure I missed something since I graded it by MMF2 standards.

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Posted by Rikus 1st November, 2011

Excellent review WIIman! well written and some good constructive points are being made.
Posted by Otter 2nd November, 2011

Thanks Rikus! I think this game could be very inspirational to someone wanting to make their own Zobmbie game, what will all the room for small stuff that could have been improved and make an awesome game and what not. I'm also really glad that people still read reviews
Posted by Windybeard Games 3rd November, 2011

Nice review.


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