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Zombie Swarm
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 29th October, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 135

Edited By Sumo148 on 10/29/2011

This game was made for the Newgrounds Halloween Competition and the Daily Click Competition. I've been working on this game for awhile now and its finally completed. You're able to select four different difficulty modes; each mode having a higher score multiplier in the end. WARNING: I advise you to play on medium or higher. Easy mode is a little laggy because of the machine gun turret! There are eight guns to unlock and use and two different types of zombies; regular and demon. The demon zombies appear every five rounds (unless your playing on Insane mode, which then it's every three rounds).

All the background ambient music tracks are custom made for the game by a friend, Isaac (U.2) The other sound effects are downloaded from

Hope you have fun playing the game! -Sumo

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Posted by Otter 31st October, 2011
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I liked it! At its core it is just simple fun gameplay, which is good! But that is the only real fault I can's just a little too simple, well in my opinion anyway. I'm gonna write a review tonight and explain what I'm talking about, but yeah, I enjoyed
Posted by Dean James Reynolds 4th November, 2011

Omg! You finally released it after 2 years? I gotta try this
Posted by Sumo148 4th November, 2011

its an early build, expect for more to be added. It was finished early for a competition, and I won 1st place with it!

Yes, it was stripped down of many features but more will be added eventually.
Posted by Otter 6th November, 2011
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Okay, well that's excellent! I look forward to a future release!

If you haven't seen my review I gave some constructive advice as well
Posted by Wackyjackie 16th November, 2011
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Posted by s-m-r 3rd February, 2012

Here's a non-NewGrounds permalink:

@Sumo: SO SORRY this took so long to sort out. I suck at HTML.
Posted by NostalgicAlgorithms 18th July, 2012

Graphics need some work but you're on your way to a solid game. The menu presentation was very nice!






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