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Review: Retro Shot Golf Abandoned Open Source
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 31/01/2018 21:34:45

The presentation is okay with a decent main menu.

The gameplay is the best part of Retro Shot Golf it's really good but I do wish it did had a bit more to it. Like enemies or uniquely design maps but this is a prototype so I shouldn't complain.

The graphics are good.

The sound and music are meh. It's not bad but not good but it does the job done.

The game can be beaten within around 10 minutes if just play the first difficulty but has replay value with the four different difficulties to get three stars for all of them. But three of them are same which bad. Which means there are only two difficulties.

Overall Retro Shot Golf is good but even with my complains this is still a prototype and not a full game so if the game was finish most of my complaints wouldn't be there. So keep in mind when playing the game in that it's only a prototype.

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