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Review: The Quest for Wonton Soup II
Author: The MPP
Added: 04/02/2018 10:03:33

Presentation : The game presents it self pretty well. The title screen looked decent and had a nice catchy tune.

Gameplay : The gameplay is simple; move, jump, collect money and kill enemies. The movement does feel a little off though. Sometimes the platforms were a bit hard to jump on, but that gives the game a bit of difficulty which every game does need.

Graphics : The graphics weren't that bad TBH. But somethings like the player and the explosion effects don't really blend in with the rest of the game.

Sound/Music : Meh. Not bad but not great.

Lastability : I managed to beat the game in about 4 minutes, so the game doesn't really have any lastability.

Overall : Definitely not a bad game! It has some nice music and graphics but the game is just way too short. But I get that this was more made just for quick laughs among friends. (The game could also be seen as offensive to asian people.) But I'm really curious about the first game now :P

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