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Review: Metroid Return To Zebes
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 21/02/2018 21:43:18

The presentation is almost perfect. I love the intro and it's awesome. And the story screen is good. But one thing I don't like is how the boss's health bar is positioned and it kinda messes with gameplay but not too much.

The gameplay is pretty good it's like Metroid but there are no upgrades, there a couple of bugs in where I would get stuck on walls for a very short time, I didn't like how you couldn't double jump, and I don't like using shift to jump.

The graphics are awesome because they are from Super Metroid. But my only complaint is that I wish there were more animations with the sprites.

The music is pretty good but my three complaints with the SFX and sound. First I didn't like there are barely any SFX, I wish there was SFX for walking, jumping, and other things. Second didn't like how when the music ended there was a short silence before it starting the song again. In my opinion, after the song end, it should start the song immediately than giving a short silence. Third I didn't like when going to a new area the game pause to load the next song. I wish it didn't do this and just go to the next song. But probably this is just a fusion thing so it forgivable.

The game doesn't last that long. You can probably beat it in around 10-20 minutes. But MPP said this game is short so it's okay.

Overall Metroid Return To Zebes is a good game and I would suggest playing it. I want to give the game an 8 because I had fun with it but unfortunately, it's a 7 because of my complaints with the SFX and music, lastability, and small complaints with gameplay. But overall this game is good and you should play it. Good job MPP.

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Posted by The MPP 22nd February, 2018

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