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Metroid Return To Zebes
Author: The MPP Submitted: 8th December, 2017 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 41

Edited By The MPP on 05/02/2018

Return To Zebes

The metroids are threatening to destroy the galaxy. They have already invaded many planets... And destroyed many along the way. Men, women, children... dead. Now Saumus Aran travels to planet Zebes in search for the source of this evil. Let the journey begin…

Arrow Keys - Move
Shift – Jump
Z - Fire Gun
X – Fire Missile ( Missiles Needed )

Most music and graphics by Nintendo.
Ending theme by Capcom.
Programing by Morgan Pander

This is just a simple little Metroid fan game I made.

Please don’t sue me.

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 (2.42 mkb )

Posted by LordHannu 12th December, 2017

485 seconds played no missles left and 13 in life when completed. Noticed you used klickteams platform movement I prefer platform movement object.I liked that you made a desktop icon.





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