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Review: Starry Blaster
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 24/02/2018 21:16:28

The presentation of Starry Blaster is excellent. I love the presents and title screen. The hub is perfect for Starry Blaster. But my only problem is I don't like how everytime you die you have to press enter to continue but it takes a bit to continue. Also, you have to go back to the title screen and to the story screen over and over again. When I just want to get back into the game as fast as I can.

The gameplay is awesome. I love how you buy lives. it gives you a reason to kill every enemy. But my only complaint is in the first two stages I had to do it over and over again because it doesn't save to this point. But I can understand it is like this because the game is only four levels long so I can understand.

The graphics are perfect. I love this the art style of everything.

The music and SFX are good. They fit the game but I wished on the title screen there was an original music instead of the rainbow road theme from Mario Kart DS and like Metroid: Return to Zebes, Starry Blaster has the same problem as Metroid: Return to Zebes in where the music when the music ends there is a pause then the music starts again. Also, I wish when the music ends it smooth transition to the music to start again with a pause

The lastability is meh. The game is only four levels long. I wish the game had more levels in the game. But the score for the lastability is higher because of that I had to play the first two levels a lot because I had difficulty with the second level. But the length is extended a little bit with the secret boss. Which I found it very funny.

Overall Starry Blaster is an awesome game. The graphics, gameplay, and the presentation are amazing. With the Sound being good. And the lastability being meh. I would highly recommend playing this game. It is awesome. Awesome job MPP

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Posted by The MPP 24th February, 2018

Thank you so much for writing this review! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game
The reason that the game pauses for a bit is because I use MIDI files, MIDI files save a TON of memory. IMO the file size of a game is very important, the smaller the size; the more people will download it!
Also : What do you mean that the first two stages don't save? I think you may have found a bug I have to fix!
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