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Starry Blaster
Author: The MPP Submitted: 23rd February, 2018 Favourites:3
Genre: Action Downloads: 180

Edited By The MPP on 28/03/2018

Starry Blaster
Version 2

Mission :
Galactic demons have been reported to have been attacking multiple planets in your space. You must confront them one by one and eliminate them.

Controls :
Arrow Keys - Move Ship
Shift - Shoot
Esc - Quit Game
Tab - Buy an extra life (200 money needed)

Saving :
Status information like the stage you left off and the endings you have unlocked are saved automatically so that you can pick up where you left off at any time later.
To continue, press ENTER on the title screen.
To start a new game, press DELETE on the title screen.

Endings :
Their are multiple endings in the game. The first one is unlocked by beating the game on a normal playthrough and the other ending is unlocked by beating the secret boss.

Credits :
Created by Morgan Pander
Explosion effects by Scott Cawthon
Beta Tested by Frank Vermeulen

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 (11,11mb )

Posted by The MPP 9th March, 2018

NEW UPDATE : Version 2
*Fixed some spelling errors
*Made a few graphical improvements
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th March, 2018

It does indeed have the classic klik feel. I played for a bit, but the eyeballs just kept coming. I was hoping something would change soon, but just more and more eyes.

Also since an extra life is all you can buy why not make it buy them automatically?

Overall good game!






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