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Review: Unknown Game 9171
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 21/04/2018 01:47:06

The presentation of My Craft RTS is even better than Temple Dacktrim but there's no title screen

The gameplay of My Craft RTS is even worse than Temple Dacktrim. Like Temple Dacktrim there's barely any gameplay. But for My Craft RTS, it's even worst. All you do is scroll around the screen and try to move your troops. Other than that there pretty nothing to do.

The graphics are spectacular. I love that intro screen at the beginning. Everything looks amazing.

And just like Temple Dacktrim. My Craft RTS has no SFX or music. Absolute dead silence.

The lastability absolutely bad. The is only one level and it's made every worst because there's barely any gameplay.

Overall My Craft RTS just like Temple Dacktrim is a beautiful shell with nothing in it. It is graphically and technically impressive but it's even worse than Temple Dacktrim with its gameplay, lastability, and it's SFX/Music. But granted Alien Seed Games said that there isn't much gameplay and that it's more of an engine. So some of my arguments are nullified but if this is an engine then why isn't this listed as an engine. It makes no sense.

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Posted by Alien Seed Games 21st April, 2018

Hum there is ltos of game play build a concrete pad with a worker from command center then build a supply to build more units! there lots of units and building and you can harvest resources and scout map to spawn AI!

And for Sound you must be kidding there lots of sounds its got a complex sound system to play dif sounds from how far units are from the screen! so i have no idear what you mean no sound fx you must have it muted!

I dont know y you review it and you didint even try it much or you would of seen all that! its got two control systems that you can change up top left! and basic parth finding for units! its got loadedable units apc/bunker! units that level up! its got so much more to it than you seem to have seen
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