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Review: THE WAR!
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 21/04/2018 17:51:47

The presentation of THE WAR! is pretty good. I love the title screen and I especially love the game over screen. It looks awesome!

The gameplay of THE WAR! is good. I see you took your own spin on my game Slimy and it's better. With instead of just avoiding object you are also shooting objects. Which I like. But my index finger got tired of constantly pressing the left click and I wished that the shooting was assigned to a button. Also, I wish there was pause button to rest my index finger.

The graphics of THE WAR! are okay. I say that because it looks good but am kind of getting tired of the 3D looking models and I wish there was more detail in the background.

The Sound/Music of THE WAR! is good. I love the music and now everything has an SFX and the music from what I notice did pause then start again. But one complaint I do have is that the sound effects were louder than the music so it was hard to music with the sound effects playing louder.

The lastability of THE WAR! is meh. Though it can basically go on forever with try to get a better high score, I do wish there were a bit more levels to get a high score

Overall THE WAR! is good. It's gameplay, SFX/Music, and presentation are very good. While graphics are okay and the lastability is meh. But overall this game is good and it's a better take on my game Slimy. I would recommend playing it. Good Job MPP!

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Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018

Thanks for the review!
But I'm afraid that 3D graphics are the best I got
And what do you mean that the game goes on forever? After a while, The Ultimate Weapon appears and you have to kill him! Once he's dead you'll get a The End screen!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 21st April, 2018

Your welcome. Oh sorry, I didn't get to that. I die before I even get to that part
Posted by MonadoBoy64 21st April, 2018

And I didn't know it had an ending.
Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018

Ah, it's no big deal! I'm just happy you enjoyed the game
Posted by MonadoBoy64 22nd April, 2018

Yeah, I did!


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