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Get ready soldier, the war has started!

Your objective is to survive the war and gain as many points as you can! Will you be the hero and get the #1 hi-score?

You have to survive the war until your enemy releases their ultimate weapon. If you've deafeated The Ultimate Weapon, the war has been won.

Move your tank with A,D.
Move the mouse to aim and left click to fire.
Right click to regain 10 hp (cost : 300 points).

During your battle, you will enter a new phase every minute. Every phase is the same as the last one, but with an added enemy for you to face.
Every time you enter a new phase an alarm sound effect will play.

Every time you destroy an enemy you'll gain points. These points can be spent at the scoreboard. Type your name in the yellow box and click the button that says "Submit" to submit your score.
NOTE: Your score will reset every time you return to the main menu.

Credits :
Created by Morgan Pander
Beta tested by Frank Vermeulen
(Most) Explosion effects weren't by me.

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Posted by The MPP 27th April, 2018

Installer version for anyone that wants it :
Posted by LordHannu 4th May, 2018

Gets quite chaotic after a while.
You should have added a timer that tells how long you lasted.
Posted by TheGoldMiner88 18th May, 2018
Rated :

first time i played it, it was fun. Quickly became boring.






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